2015 Outstanding Arkansas Head Start Awards

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2015 Outstanding Arkansas Head Start Awards
The Arkansas Head Start Association will honor Outstanding Arkansas Head Start, Early Head Start and Migrant-Seasonal staff, parents, and friends in 2015 at the Arkansas Head Start Institute to be held at the Arlington Hotel and Spa in Hot Springs, Arkansas, March 18, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. Please complete the nomination form and attach to the nomination packet:
Please Indicate the Award Nominated for:

Outstanding Arkansas Head Start Director Award (Grantee Level)

Outstanding Arkansas Head Start Staff Award (Central Office Staff, Center

Directors, Etc.)

Outstanding Arkansas Head Start Teacher Award

Outstanding Arkansas Early Head Start Teacher Award

Outstanding Arkansas Migrant-Seasonal Head Start Teacher Award

Outstanding Arkansas Teacher Assistant/Aide Award

Outstanding Arkansas Friend of Head Start Award

Outstanding Arkansas Head Start Parent Award

Name of Nominee:

Head Start Agency:

How many years has the nominee been associated with Head Start?



Contact Information for Nominator:

Please include the following information in the nomination packet:

  • The person nominating the honoree must submit a 500 word essay explaining why he or she feels that the nominee should be honored. The essay should be completed by the nominator. Please title the Essay “Nomination Essay for Nominee’s Name.”

  • Each packet should also include four letters from the specified categories: Head Start Director (Grantee)*, Community partner, Parent, and Personal Contact. Letters should not be a repeat of essay but should provide additional details illustrating why the nominee should be selected. Please label at the top of the letter the appropriate category.

  • Please feel free to include pictures or other supporting documentation to support the nomination.

Please send the attached coversheet with each nomination packet by January 31, 2015 to:

Arkansas Head Start Association

1400 West Markham, Suite 406, Little Rock, AR 72201

Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

If you have any questions, please contact Deana Howell at (501) 371-0740.
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