Kayle S. Caballero gec 125 Final Task

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Kayle S. Caballero

GEC 125 Final Task

Date Submitted: May 19, 2020

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Activity 1

Lesson 6: The Globalization of Religion

  1. What is the difference between religious people and globalists? (Use Venn Diagram)

2. How do you describe the reactions of some religious movements to globalization? How do others facilitate globalization?

Activity 2

Lesson 7: Media and Globalization

1. Explain using a concept map if how do various media drive various form of global integration.

2. What strategies can you use to distinguish between factual and fake information on the internet?

  • 6 step to identify fake information in internet.

Develop a critical mindset, Check the source, See who else is reporting the story, examine the evidence, look for fake images, and lastly Check that it sounds right
Activity 3

Lesson 8: The Global City

1. Identify the attributes of a global city.

  • Home to major stock exchanges and indexes.

  • Influential in international political affairs

  • Home to world-renoned cultural institutions.

  • Service major media hub.

  • Large mass transit networks.

  • Home to large international airport

  • Having a prominent skyline

2. In what sense are cities mediums of globalization?

  • They are clearly worth studying, because cities are central places in the process of mutual influence of globalization on people. They are meeting places, communication nodes and sites of exchange as well as locations where global processes become particularly visible and influential

Activity 4

Lesson 9: Global Demography

Do you believe in neo-Malthusian argument? Why or why not?

  • Well, in a sense yes. Probably not the same as you, though. And the best thing is the population control method of choice. It is completely undeniable that the best population control is education and welfare. Look at all the most developed countries and you’ll see how birth rates are down and age is getting higher.

Activity 5

Lesson 10: Global Migration

1. Give atleast one political, economic, cultural, and social factors that people move from one country to another.

  • Cultural individuals who migrate experience multiple stresses that can impact their mental well being, including the loss of cultural norms, religious customs, and social support systems, adjustment to a new culture and changes in identify and concept of self.

2. Ask an OFW (preferably a friend of yours) about his/her unforgettable experience abroad. You may opt not to mention his/her personal details.

  • Base on the person i interview the unforgettable experience in abroad is she meet other people have different culture and color , tall, and the building that she couldn’t realize that really exist.

Activity 6

Lesson 11: Environmental Crisis and Sustainable Dev’t

  1. Differentiate stability from sustainability.

  • Stability is the condition of being stable or in equilibrium, thus resistant to change, example: calm, stable life where you don’t have wild ups and downs, while sustainability is the ability to sustain something.

2. If there’s a way that you can contribute to the global sustainable development, how would it be and why?

  • There are so many way to contribute in the society to make the global sustainable first you can use, Recycle this is the first thing came up with my mind that to make the global sustainable you must recycle everything that will be recycled using high technology device , It helps to maintain cleanliness and reduce waste in society or in the world

Activity 7

Global Citizenship

Write an essay, a poem, create a video, make a drawing, or a mindmap answering the question “What does it mean to be a citizen of the world”?

  • Citzenship is the status of a person recognized under the custom or law as being a legal member of a sovereign state or belonging to a nation. The idea of citizenship has been defined as the capacity of individuals to defend their rights in front of the governmental authority. To me, being responsible and active member of the global community, global citizen is a citizen of the world. Though global citizenship is being a citizen of the world, it takes more than just caring about global issues.

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