Jonathan Michael Spector vita professor, Learning Technologies Department

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Jonathan Michael Spector – VITA
Professor, Learning Technologies Department

College of Information, The University of North Texas

Discovery Park, 3940 N. Elm, G 150, Denton, TX 76207-7102 USA

Tel +1 940-369-5070 / Fax +1 940-565-4194 / EMAIL
1102 Imperial Drive, Denton, TX 76209 USA (mailing/home address)


Citizenship: USA

Place of Birth: Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, USA


1978 Ph.D., Philosophy (Epistemology/Logic)

The University of Texas @ Austin, TX, USA
1967 B.Sc., International Affairs (Psychology/Philosophy)

United States Air Force Academy, CO, USA


2014 – present Professor, Department of Learning Technologies, College of Information, UNT

2012 – 2014 Professor and Chair, Department of Learning Technologies (LT), College of Information, University of North Texas (UNT), Denton, Texas

2009 – 2011 Professor, Department of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology (EPIT); Research Scientist, Learning and Performance Support Laboratory (LPSL); Doctoral Program Coordinator, Learning, Design and Technology (LDT); The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

2004 - 2008 Associate Director, Learning Systems Institute (LSI), & Professor, Educational Psychology and Learning Systems, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

Responsible for research in learning and instruction at LSI and graduate teaching in Instructional Systems

2000 - 2004 Professor and Chair, Instructional Design, Development & Evaluation (IDD&E),

Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

Responsible for leading the educational technology graduate program at Syracuse University

1997 - 2000 Professor and Director, Educational Information Science & Technology Research Program, University of Bergen, Norway; Professor II at Agder University College, Norway and at Göteborg University, Sweden; Adjunct member of the graduate faculty at the University of Minnesota, USA

Responsible for facilitating and supporting research and development in advanced learning environments to improve learning and instruction at the University and with collaborating institutions

1991-1997 Senior Scientist (GM-13, GS-14, GS-15)

Instructional Systems Research Branch USAF Armstrong Research Laboratory

Technical advisor and senior research team leader for research and development programs in training and educational technology with an emphasis on intelligent performance support for instructional design and development.

1984 - 1991 Assistant/Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics, Computer & Information Sciences

Jacksonville State University, AL

Taught undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. Member of the graduate faculty; faculty handbook committee

1983-1984 Senior Systems Programmer

Tower Telescope, National Solar Observatory, NM

Created and maintained software systems for the tower telescope; designed software to enhance performance and for new equipment

1981 - 1983 Systems Analyst

Cubic Corp., ACMI Site, Holloman AFB, NM

Maintained software systems related to the operation of the Aircrew Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) system -- a real-time, multi-tasking system involving six mini-computers and approximately 400 programs. Responsibilities included installation, test, maintenance, and modifications

1978 - 1981 Instructor

Philosophy Department

El Paso Community College, TX

Taught Introduction to Philosophy, Formal Logic, Informal Logic, and Ethics

1972 - 1978 Lecturer

Department of Philosophy

The University of Texas @ Austin, TX

Taught Formal Logic and Ethics

1971-1972 Volunteer Teacher, Sherut La’am

Kiryat Shemona, Israel (on leave of absence from IBM)

1970 - 1972 Junior Analyst

IBM SDD Laboratory, Boulder, CO

Tested software and wrote User’s Guide for the Data Processing Utilization System

1967 - 1970 Intelligence Officer

13th Air Force, Clark AB, Philippine Islands

Watch Officer responsible for analyzing classified and coded message traffic


1999 Java Tools and Technologies I (1 week)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

1991 - 1993 Systems Acquisition & Systems Engineering

Advanced Professional Development Levels I, II, & III

1989 Digital Video (DVI) Workshop (1 week)

Carnegie-Mellon University, PA

1987 Advanced Ada Workshop (1 week)

Keesler AFB, MS

1985 Ada Programming Workshop (1 month)

Mississippi State University, MS

1984 - 1986 Graduate Work in Computer Science (18 credits - 6 courses)

The University of Alabama in Birmingham, AL

1981 & 1983 Perkin-Elmer OS-32, Assembly Language I & II, and I/O Systems (4 weeks)

Orange Grove, CA

1970 OS 360, Assembly Language, COBOL, FORTRAN, RPG II, PL/I (3 months)

IBM Programming School, Kansas City, MO

1967 - 1968 Air Intelligence Officer Training (9 months)

Lowry AFB, CO

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