Engl 2221. 001 British Literature: Literary London Study Abroad Summer 2014

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ENGL 2221.001 British Literature: Literary London

Study Abroad -- Summer 2014
June 3, 4, 5 – on UNT Campus

June 7-26 – London, England

(June 20-23: Optional trip to Paris)

Dr. Sandra Spencer, Faculty Leader

Course Description

This course will cover an array of British Literature having ties to London and nearby areas of Britain. We will read poetry written by John Keats, Matthew Arnold, and WilliamWordsworth. The novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens will be our one longer work. Other authors will be discussed as we visit various venues connected with their work.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to

  • Discuss the intersectionalities of literature, culture, and history of England and London

  • Describe the influence of various authors on their culture

  • Develop an awareness of differing perspectives from the 19th century to the present


Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens. Any Penguin paperback edition.

Poetry will be provided in student packets.

Classroom Policies

Class will meet formally several times as well as at specific venues during this semester. As the bulk of our time will be abroad, students are expected to attend everything that is on the attached schedule. The major assignment, a 7-10 page essay on suggested topics pertaining to Oliver Twist will be due upon return to Texas. Student conduct is expected to be the same as it is on campus.

Academic Dishonesty

Please visit the website http://www.vpaa.unt.edu/academic-integrity.htm for the University’s policy on students and academic dishonesty. This policy covers cheating, plagiarism, forgery, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty, and sabotage.


Grades will be based on assigned responses to things read or sites visited as well as on the final paper. Grades will reflect the quality of student observations in the responses. Grades on the essay will be based on evidence of critical thinking, quality of supporting research, and use of proper composition style and execution.

Daily Agenda

June 3 Meet on UNT Campus

9-12; 1-4 Introductory Lecture “Our World Today” by Dean Gloria Cox

Orientation to Foreign Travel, Safety, Keeping a Journal

Orientation in navigation public transportation in London

Discussion of course schedule, flexibility, grades, rules, etc.
June 4 Introduction to ENGL 2221 and HNRS 4000

9-11:30 History of London (documentary)

2:45-4:00 Discussion of documentary and coursework
June 5 Meet at Denton Train Station for Field Trip

10-4 How to read a train schedule

Lunch followed by Pre-departure schedules; return to campus
June 7 Depart from DFW
June 8 Arrive in London

Transfer from Heathrow Airport to accommodations

Short orientation about neighborhood of accommodations

6 pm Meet for evening welcome dinner at The Washington Pub

June 9 AIFS Orientation at University of London

1:30 Sightseeing Bus Tour of London

5:30 Evensong at Westminster Abbey, followed by Dickens Fellowship

Wreath-Laying Ceremony in Poets’ Corner

8 pm Dinner at Mon Plaisir, London’s oldest French Restaurant
June 10 Class (9-11)

Walking Tour of Bloomsbury

Visit Dickens House Museum (3 pm-4 pm)
June 11 Theatre Day

9:15 am Shakespeare Tour, Globe Theatre

2 pm View play Anthony and Cleopatra at Globe

7 pm View play Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre

June 12 Class

12 noon Go to Hampstead Heath

1 pm Visit John Keats home; read and discuss “Ode to a Nightingale” in Keats’ garden

June 13 Meet outside Tower of London

10 am Self-guided tour of the Tower

12 noon Trafalgar Square/Café in the Crypt for lunch

1:30-3:30 pm Southwark Cathedral tour (Shakespeare connections)

6 pm Jack the Ripper Walking tour
June 14 Meet at Westminster Tube Station

9 am Guided Tour of Houses of Parliament

Afternoon off
June 15 Roadtrip

8am-7 pm Dover Castle

Tour of underground hospital and grounds

Meet on beach; Discuss Matthew Arnold’s poem “Dover Beach”

Stop at Battle of Britain Memorial on way home
June 16 Class 9-11

2-4 Victoria and Albert Museum

June 17 Roadtrip

8 am Depart for Stonehenge

11 am Tour of Stonehenge

3 pm Tour of Jane Austen’s House in Chawton; discussion of Pride and Prejudice

June 18 Guided tours

10am-12 British Library

2-5 pm British Museum (specific attention to Elgin Marbles, Egyptian Mummies, Rosetta Stone, Sutton Hoo Treasure, Lewis Chessmen, Lindow Man, Ozymandius, Benin Bronzes, and the Oxus Treasure. Literary commentary where appropriate on these specific sites.)
June 19 Guided tours

10:30 am-12 St. Paul’s Cathedral

2-4 pm National Portrait Gallery
June 20-23 Paris trip (optional)
June 24 Meet outside Buckingham Palace 10:30 am/Changing of the Guard 11:30-12

2 pm Churchill War Rooms/Self-guided Tours

5-6 pm Tea at Scoff and Banter
June 25 Final day of Study Abroad

9-11 Final discussion

2-3 pm Sherlock Holmes Museum

6-9 pm Farewell Dinner at Porters English Restaurant

June 26 Depart for DFW

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