It is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginnlg to live

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Eng-101 Departmental Essay Examination 1 Essay
The topic I am going to pick is the Marcus Aurelius topic. He say "It is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginnlg to live." by saying that he mean that the man shouldn't fear to the del, beacuse any day you can dei. Also he main by that is the man can't not think in del, because we born to dai.

First of all, The fear of death is very strong, because everybody think in dai, and if you die you can't not come back. That is one of the reason that the man are scare of. However, the fear of never beginnig to live is more strong that the fear of die, because if you don't live you won't die. I also think that not born is the bigest reason why the man have to really be scare of.

The man never can worry about to dei, because everybody knows that we born to dei, any day. I think if the man start think about death they never will fly in a airplane, because the only thing they going to think is what happen if the airplane going dawn and we will dei. I also think the man have to know that everybody is going to die. However, if you know that you going to dei think in all the good thing that you did. In addition, never think that you are scare of the death.

The only thing the man have to think is to live. If you don’t do what you want in your live you never will do it, because we only have one live. For example, if you like three cars try to buy, because if you don’t buy in this live you won’t buy in your other live, just because we only have one live. in addition, if you don't born you can't have family, friends or anything. we don't want to dei, because of all that thing we have in our live

In conclusion, I think that Marcus Aurelius is right when he said that the man don't have to have fear in the death only in never beginning to live. I was also scare in dei, but I think I am not scare more because everybody is going to dei. in addition, I think that I am not the only who is going to dai.

Eng-101 Departmental Essay Examination 2 Essay

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."

Stephen King

We can not buy talent, it is something that we get from a birth, something that is unique, something that we can not pass to a next generation. However, whether the talent of a person will be used or not is uncertain. Therefore, talent is not everything. Average person can reach success in the life by knowing the goal, believing in yourself, and working hard in order to reach the goal.

Knowing your goal is very important for your success. I can consider it even more important than talent. Talent can be used only in certain field and if under some circumstances a talent person is unnoticeable, he or she can not apply talent in some other fields. I knew one person who felt that he had talent in specific field, but he did not have an opportunity to be there where he felt he belonged. So he decided not to do anything with his life.

Believing in yourself is necessary for successful life. My grandfather was a doctor in Ukraine. Everybody said that he was a great doctor. He worked on a special experiment with a group of doctors. Unfortunately, the person who was in charge of their project died. His death made group stop their experiment. From that time, my grandfather never returned to a scientific work. I think he had not enough believe in himself.

Most people have to work very hard in order to get success in thier life. This makes regular people so different from talented people. Regular people have to study hard, trying to remember some things that they can not remember easy. Unfortunately, average people do not have incredible memory and some impressive abilities. That separates them from talented people.

The words “Talent is cheaper than table salt” have the only one meaning for me that talent can not be sold. Therefore, we do not have a real price for talent. For regular people hard work is the only way to successed.

Eng-101 Departmental Essay Examination 3 Essay

In the quotation, "It is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live" written by Stephen King. The author is saying that you should not be worried about dying as much as you should be worried about living a full life. I can relate to that, as a child I thought about death a lot. I think it was because there so many family members dying all at once. I thought that I would die soon with them. I didn't realize that these people were old and they lived out their lives. This kind of thinking stayed with me thoughout the years. When I became an adult I started wanting to do everything there is to do before I die. A person doesn't know what living is until they think that their going to die.
I was about twenty-four when my heart stopped because of a allergic reaction to aspirin. When I woke up the next day in the hospital I said to myself that I will no longer be so wrapped up in dying and planning a funeral. I decided to live life to the fullest. I began to travel to different parts of the United States. I decided to not settled for just anything anymore. I wanted to experience everything that the world had to offer. I started taking classes in different areas, like yoga, singing and cooking. I want to be able to look back on my life when I know that I'm dying and say I truely had a good time living.
Now, this is not to say that people should just be reckless about living. I think that people should want all they can get out of life, but in a positive way. I do all that I can to stay positive in this day and age. There is so much going on around people anymore that there almost scared to leave their homes, but don't let that stop you. Being brave is living, being able to live life the way you want to is all that counts. I know now that life is a gift that should not be taken lightly. You should always give it your all everyday.
Finally, I can go on knowing that I made a difference in this universe just by doing things that most people are scared to do. I can say that I looked death in the face years ago and I smiled and said I'm not ready to give up yet. I know that there is so much I need to do before I die. I got one more chance to prove to myself that life is wonderful and very serious so treat it as such.
In conclusion, I believe that people should stop and smell the roses once in awhile. This helps you to keep your prospective in life. Death is only the beginning of new life to me, so I don't think of death as a bad thing anymore. To some people life and death are one in the same and I agree.

Eng-101 Departmental Essay Examination 4 Essay

Marcus Aurelius once said, "It is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live." I am a believer, I accepted my religion many years ago. Death would not be my fear, but not feeling the fulfillment of life would be. My main challenge is to accept myself to be motivated enough to become recognized in other people's lives. Some ways that I have cohped with building a stepping stone to reality is going to school, taking risks, and stand up for what I believe in.
My first way of beginning to live with out fear was by going to school. During my four years of highschool my parents always pushed me to do well. They wanted me to succeed in my classes so that I could get ready for the college life. My parents never went to further schooling, but did learn from life experiences while they grew up. Being the leader that they are, I tried to listen and apply myself as hard as I could. While I was in highschool, my elective was drafting. My teacher told me that I was one of the best students that he has had in years. I learned quick and absorbed as much talent from my teacher as I could. In my four years of drafting, I recieved an A in every marking period except for the very first one in my first year of highschool. My junior year we had a small company called "Kessler Steel Rule and Die Making," looking for a student to learn a valuable trade. It was only offered to the seniors at the time, but I asked if I could apply for this opportunity and the co-op program surprisingly said "ok." I took my school education and applied it there drawing steel rule dies for companies that did mass printing. For example, we made dies that would go onto machines that were call press's and they applied tremendous about of pressure onto it with material in-between. These machines were cutting out corigation, stickers, postcards, and business cards.

My second way of beginning to live with out fear was taking risks. My biggest risk was changing my mind about a career job as a draftsman and looked in a different direction towards criminal justice. I decided to give up all my academic progress when I graduated highschool to persue a new perfession for my career. My reason for taking this risk was that I always had a little fire inside me that wanted to show people how much I could care for someone else. The best logic to do this was study criminal justice and move on to a career that would be intriging to my mind. Choosing this career has motivated me to further my education by going to college and striving for that degree "everyone" wants. The degree that I want is in criminal justice. Taking these courses has opened my eyes to so many opportunities that will lie ahead after I graduate. My goal is to become a state trooper since they are looked upon as the superior police. This career would give me the happiness that I would look back on when I retire as a successful life. No longer would I fear not taking that chance of "beginning to live.”

My third way of beginning to live with out fear was standing up for what I believe in. There is a scripture in the Christian bible that stands out for young people. I can't quote the scripture, but I remember the meaning that it was sending. It told me that, being young will make others look down on you, but don't let that discarriage you in becoming who you want to be. I have taking that messege and applied that to my life. I will learn somethings in life the hard way but I will learn from my mistakes. Taking those risks will only give me that extra step towards a successful life. Standing up for what I believe in can go in many directions. I am not afraid to stand up while at work or in school. I believe that showing your emotions will eventually get the point across to people that are afraid of the "upcoming" generation.
Furthermore, "It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live" is an outstanding messege that Marcus Aurelius is sending out to everyone. My opinion maybe totally different from many others, but I do believe that Marcus has a valuable point here. If you don't strive for that extra step, then you will not begin to live. Only reaching for every goal you set for yourself will let you feel completely satisfied, and know that you have lived your life without fear.

Eng-101 Departmental Essay Examination 5 Essay

In society today, education is the foundation of success. Students learn in a variety of ways from various types of institutions. There are private schools, public schools, and horne schools. All three of these focus on similar principles in order to establish common grounds in which students can go forth and strive. However, schooling, which is taught by teachers in 5 one of these institutions, can be corrupt and bias. Religion or politics may, and often do, have a significant influence on the way schools conduct themselves. When Mark Twain declared, "1 never let my schooling Interfere with my education," he was stating how the true essence and value of education Is not necessarily found in the classroom.
Most of my schooling took place in the public school system. After my freshmen year of high school I had developed certain ideals about school and my education that helped make me make critical decisions in my life. I felt that in public high school each student was expected to perform in a certain way, they had to satisfy certain static requirements and if they did not, they would be quickly labeled as "stupid" or "not scholastically gifted." These are unfair lables that quickly divide students up into classes. The school system did not take into account that each student understands things differently and may need more or less time to grasp various academic principles.

During my freshman year, I was suddenly thrust into a world of competative academics, pressure, and was constantly compared to the "static requirements" that quickly labled me "not apt for school." I felt that the way I needed to learn and what was best for me was not being taken into account by my teachers, the school system or anyone else for that matter. I

certainly liked to learn and I have always highly regarded the values and what can be gained through education. Through this realization, I made the decision to be horne-schooled. I did this because my "schooling" was definitely interfering J with my "education."

As a home-schooled student I was able to devise a system of learning that focused on my strong points and weak points. This made fulfillng my potential a rnuch more forseeable goal. In areas such as math, I was able to move at my own pace where r was not hindered by other students. So much precious time of youth is wasted at school. All the in between classes, study halls, and time waiting for other students adds up to a significant amount. In public school it was as if each teacher followed a concrete hand guide in which to conduct the class. Nothing could be changed and nothing added. If we were supposed to spend 3 weeks calculating derivatives, then we spent 3 weeks on derivatives. I just did not see the point of going over tedious mathematical steps to a monotonous degree if I had already understood the basic concepts, It was just a waste of my time.

When the efficiency of home-schooling became apparent to me, it was easy to see where the public school system hindered my ability to progress. The way Mark Twain uses the words "Schooling" and "Education" is very unique. It is not uncornmon to see these two words used together but Mark Twain sets them up to sound contradictory to each other. And to me they contradict each other very much. Public school is like a factory production line, whereby all the students are neatly pressed and come out looking identicle. This is one reason why college admissions are so bleak. I give my praises to those who can make themselves stand out amongst thousands of high school seniors competing for the same spot at a particular college. To me, education builds character and strength. If schooling furnishes students to understand and think, in a certain way then it, without question, interferes with individuality and has puctured a slow leaking hole in educations ability to let dreams soar.

ENG-101 Departmental Essay Examination: 6 Essay

From the time Matt was able to walk, his parents had taught him and his twin sister how to swim at the local swim club's pool. This became a lifelong obsession for Matt and Jill and both of the twins practiced and became involved with swim teams from the start. Matt was a phenomenal swimmer and a very healthy individual. An athlete aware of all his possibilities and the efforts needed to become the best, he never drank, smoked, or used any drugs. In fact, Matt rarely put any type of food in his body that wasn't protein-packed and organic. He trained so hard and vigorously that he probably would have been eligible for the Olympics; however, in his first year at Princeton he played a pick-up basketball game and literally fell to his death on the court from some sort of a heart attack. Had Matt been aware that this occurrence could have been a possibility, he may not have played that fun game of basketball or even ever swam at all. However, Matt was remembered as fun-loving, adventurous, and hard-working, and no one could have imagined Matt living his own short life any other way because his impression left on others was so Inspiring and respectable.

Marcus Aurelius said, "It Is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live." This quotation seems fitting for those who live on the edge and take every day they live head on, as if it were their last. Unfortunately, this quote, the mindset of living life to its fullest, each day your last, is a quote that strikes many with fear. Death is feared because death is an unknown state where all we know is that we are no longer physically present to those we once knew, and we fear there may not be a state of living after we die. Those who can admire Aurelius' words and apply his proposed attitude to their lives will be an inspiration to others and truly lead a full life no matter when they die, continuing the legacy of their life even after they pass.

When a person believes that they can control their own death, they may not be as apt to engage in all the adventures life has to offer. Death is a concept that overwhelms many individuals. Death is defined by being the cessation of all vital organs, or rather, the end of one's life. Both definitions make clear why death is such a dismal word that hangs over people's heads. People believe that they can control the destiny of their organs' functionality. You can take preventative measures to ensure you are not doing unnecessary damage to your body, but from the day we are born our bodies endure no predictable obstacles. When students and teammates learned of Matt's death, although shocked and saddened, everyone agreed that he had lived a full life of devotion, hard-work, and excellence.

Along with teammates trying to Cope with Matt's death and embrace the life he lived so full is a fact that each and everyone of these hard-working, extraordinary students and swimmers imagined Matt's death a possibility of their own. It would be impossible to ignore that although Matt's dedication was an example for all, he was too young to die. He was too good to die. He gave his all, lived responsibly, and still died before his life really had begun. So how do the people in his life survive and live their lives now? Do they deny 'themselves the opportunities that seem to put them in danger? Could endangering your life be as simple as horsing around or playing a game of hoops outside? How can you know which event could steal your life?

Perhaps death isn't really dying, but in fact a new chapter of living. Death on earth is absolutely dying to those around you who are still alive. From what we know, the only absolute of death is that you are physically lost by those who loved you. While it is sad to think about leaving the people you love and how they may or may not be able to continue, you must enjoy life and those around you while you are with them, and believe in what the future may hold: heaven, an afterlife, or peace within.

Fear of death could be conquered if you believe that it is not the end, and help those who truly fear death to see that it wont be the end for them either. You always miss what you no longer have, but you can invent the possibility of seeing a loved one again in another life while you are still alive. In the meantime, live your life, not fearing death, and inviting others on your ride may rid yourself and others from fearing death.

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