Essay Topics for Brave New World

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Essay Topics for Brave New World

1. One of Huxley’s purposes was to create a satirical novel that would serve as a pointed criticism designed to change behavior. In what ways is BRAVE NEW WORLD a satirical novel? What is Aldous Huxley satirizing in the novel Brave New World? What change is he trying to bring about? Choose 3 events and/or characters (one for each body paragraph) that show the satire. You may have more than one item that Huxley is satirizing.

2. As we move through the 21st century, the implications of genetic engineering, surrogate parents, and reproductive rights and privileges will be an increasingly important one. What are the moral and ethical implications of these topics for citizens of the future that Huxley is addressing?

3. BRAVE NEW WORLD is often seen as a warning about what has occurred and a prophecy of the future. What is the nature of Huxley’s warning and prophecy, and in what ways are people responding to his observations and descriptions? Choose three symbols or motifs to support your interpretation.

4. Mental health professionals often discuss the importance of friendship, love, and close relationships. In Brave New World, however, the idea of friendship is not valued or encouraged. What is Huxley’s message about these concepts? How does Brave New World perceive it and control it, and what is the reaction of its citizens?

6. In Brave New World, the World State rejects all divergent ideas and practices. It wants its citizens to conform and adhere to society’s dictates. Think of our society today, and describe individuals and groups that would be unacceptable in Huxley’s book. Then analyze how they both add to the richness of the American character and also cause dissension within mainstream society.

7. Brave New World has seen fit to eliminate philosophy, art, and literature, aspects of our 20th century world that offer moments of reflection, appreciation, and aesthetics. What is Huxley’s message or concern? Why does it serve the purposes of Huxley’s society to adopt this policy? How is our own society made richer for valuing these areas?

8. Totalitarian regimes are not new. From century to century, leaders emerge who are content only with total or near-total control of their countries, society, or cultures. What is Huxley’s concern with regarding an all-powerful state? Concepts to consider include the World State’s use of Bokanovsky’s Process, Hypnopaedia, Soma, Solidarity Service, Feelies, etc.

9. Huxley sets up two opposite societies, The World State and the Savage Reservation. Compare and contrast these cultures in two or more ways, analyze the values each promotes, and discuss the philosophical basis for the lifestyles of each.
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