Effective Term: Spring 2017 esl 080wg writing and Grammar for Non-Native Speakers of English III credit Hours

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Effective Term: Spring 2017
ESL 080WG Writing and Grammar for Non-Native Speakers of English III
Credit Hours: 4.00 Lecture Periods: 4.00 Lab Periods: 0.00

High intermediate-level academic writing and grammar skills. Includes rhetorical forms, writing process and conventions, sentence structure, grammar, study strategies, technology, and college resources.

Prerequisite(s): Score of 48 on ESL assessment test OR completion of ESL 070WG and ESL 060RV and ESL 060CM with a grade of C or better, OR score of 39 on ESL assessment test and completion of ESL 070WG with a grade of C or better.


Recommendation: Concurrent enrollment in an ESL Oral Communication course (CM) and an ESL Reading and Vocabulary course (RV) according to previous course completion or ESL assessment test score.

Information: Prerequisites may be waived with consent of instructor. See an ESL instructor for details.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Use high-intermediate level grammar, sentence structures, and mechanics in written tasks.

  2. Use high-intermediate level content and organization in written tasks.

Performance Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Write and edit academic paragraphs and essays at the high intermediate level.

  2. Use high intermediate-level writing process and standard writing conventions.

  3. Use high intermediate-level sentence structure in written tasks.

  4. Identify and correctly use high intermediate grammatical structures in written tasks.

  5. Integrate a variety of study strategies into academic learning.

  6. Use technology for assignments and communication.

  7. Employ college resources.


  1. Rhetorical Forms

    1. Paragraph writing

      1. Compare/contrast

      2. Summary

    2. Narrative essay

  2. Writing Process and Conventions

    1. Choose and narrow topics

    2. Organize ideas

    3. Apply standard paragraph structure

      1. Topic sentence

      2. Supporting ideas

      3. Expansion/examples

      4. Concluding sentence

    4. Develop standard essay structure

  1. Introduction with thesis statement

  2. Supporting ideas

  3. Expansion/examples

  4. Conclusion

    1. Revision/editing

  1. Revise content

  2. Edit

  3. Peer reviews

  1. Sentence Structure

    1. Simple

    2. Compound

    3. Complex

  1. Production of adverb and adjective clauses

  2. Production of real and unreal conditional

  3. Recognition of noun clauses

    1. Adjective and adverb phrases

    2. Recognize indirect object

    3. Subject, verb, object and adjective or adverb modifiers

  1. Grammar

    1. Verb tense and mood

      1. Review simple past

      2. Present perfect

      3. Recognize past perfect

      4. Past modals

      5. Passive voice in present tense

    2. Parts of speech

      1. Nouns

        1. Review definite/indefinite article usage

        2. Zero/no article

        3. Count vs. non-count nouns and quantifiers with subject-verb agreement

      2. Pronouns

        1. Reflexive

        2. Reciprocal

        3. Pronoun referents

      3. Adjectives

        1. Review of comparative and superlative

        2. Equative

      4. Adverbs

        1. Review of time, manner, frequency

        2. Review of comparative and superlative

        3. Equative

    3. Other structures

  1. Phrasal verbs

  2. Gerunds and infinitives

  3. Reported and quoted speech

  4. Embedded questions

  5. So, too, either, neither

  1. Study Strategies

  1. Use of syllabus

  2. Organization of course materials

  3. Interpretation of teacher feedback

  4. Use of various study techniques

  5. Test taking skills

  1. Technology

  1. Use technology for assignments

  2. Use technology for communication

  1. College Resources

  1. Faculty office hours

  2. Learning/tutoring center

  3. Advising and counseling center

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