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Political Science
Name of the Institute: SSLA
Course Name: Mahabharata
Number of Credits: 4
Level: 2
Composed by Vyasadeva between 8th & 9th century BCE, but in written texts only from 4th century CE, the Mahabharata is not only the longest Indian epic, but also the longest epic in the world. With its focal point being the Battle of Kurukshetra between the Pandavas and Kauravas, it in essence highlights the victory of Dharma in times of Adharma.

With the current political scenario – be it domestic politics or international political we find an increasing gap between universal morality, ethics and politics.

Learning Objective(s):
This course on Mahabharata will primarily–

  • Discuss the epic by summarizing the various parvas/units in class

  • Review and make a critical estimate of the epic with a focus on morals, ethics and politics.


  1. Interactive class discussions on every concept. Small class size

  2. Use of articles, news clipping, videos, etc. to further explain concepts i.e. enable a practical understanding of the concepts.

  3. Evaluations are conducted throughout the semester to ensure that the students’ learning outcomes are appraised.

Pre-requisites: NA
Course Outline

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  • The Parvas –

  1. Adi Parva

  2. Sabha Parva

  3. Vana Parva

  4. Virata Parva

  5. Udyoga Parva

  6. Bhishma Parva

  7. Drona Parva

  8. Karna Parva

  9. Shalya Parva

  10. Sauptika Parva

  11. Stree Parva

  12. Shanti Parva

  13. Anushasana Parva

  14. Ashwamedhika Parva

  15. Ashramvasika Parva

  16. Mausala Parva

  17. Mahaprasthika Parva

  18. Swargarohana Parva



Looking Back




Books Recommended

  • Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata, Pattanaik , Devdutt, Penguin Books India, 2010

Research Papers/Articles recommended for reading:

As suggested by the faculty at the time of teaching

Suggested Evaluation Methods:
Continuous Assessments (CA) (At least 4 components) to be conducted through the semester along with Attendance & Class Participation

  • Regularity of attendance

  • Extent of class participation

  • Teach A Class

  • Students will be divided in groups of 3 or 4 members. Each group will be given a topic and asked to conduct research, analyze it, and share it with the class

  • 2 Written Assessments E.g. short answers, essay question

  • Surprise Quiz

Semester End Evaluation (SEE) (at least 2 components):

  • Written assessment E.g. Short Answers, essay question, Multiple choice questions

  • Presentations etc.

Parallel/Similar courses the existing curriculum:

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