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Essay Structure and Thesis Development
Essay Structure: A complete essay of writing, whatever its length, has the same basic parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The structure of an essay, therefore, can be compared to the structure of a paragraph.



Topic sentence that expresses the paragraph's main idea by making a statement.

Introduction paragraph(s) including a thesis statement expressing the writer's objective and the essay's main idea.

Body of supporting sentences offering examples to uphold the topic sentence.

Body of supporting paragraphs using examples to uphold the thesis.

Closing sentence(s) that offer detailed explanation showing how and why the examples support the topic sentence by using a variety of appeals engaging in higher level thinking skills, and brings the reader to a higher level of understanding.

Conclusion paragraph restates the thesis, explains your reasoning about what you proved in the body paragraphs by bringing the reader to a higher level of understanding regarding the conclusion you reached regarding the topic, and provides strong closing arguments to the audience.

Thesis Statement: a thesis statement expresses the main idea of the essay by making the writer's purpose clear and is one sentence in length.

  • A thesis statement makes a strong argument that focuses on a single subject that the writer will prove in the body of supporting paragraphs.

Steps for Writing a Thesis Statement:

1. Look over any prewriting notes, brainstorms, outlines, quick-writes, purposeful daydreams, etc.
2. Establish criteria (guidelines) for your judgment and narrow it down to no more than the three for which you have the most examples. Avoid having it read like a list.
3. Express the main idea for your essay in one sentence and directly answers the prompt (topic).
4. Revise your sentence until it controls your overall interpretation for your essay's topic.
5. For an argumentative thesis, try the following format: “Despite A, B is true because of C and D.”
6. Avoid phrases such as: In this paper I will discuss . . .

This essay will be about . . .

The three reasons why . . .


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