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Alternative - are means by which goals and objectives can be attained. They maybe policies, strategies or specific actions aimed at eliminating a problem. Alternative don’t have to be substitutes for one another or should perform the same function.

General emergency plan – set of procedures to meet varying degree of emergency while at the same time providing continuing police coverage of areas not affected by the emergency.

Goal – a general statement of intention and typically with the time horizon. It is an achievable end state that can be measured and observed. Making choices about goals is one of the most important aspect of planning.

Guidelines – a rule of action for the rank and file to show them how they are expected to obtain the desired effect.

Objective – a specific commitment to achieve a measurable result within a specific period of time.

Operational Planning – the use of rational design or pattern for all departmental undertakings rather than relying on chances.

Plan – an organized schedule or sequence by methodical activities intended to attain a goal and objectives for the accomplishments of mission or assignment.

Planning – the process of preparing for change and coping with uncertainty formulating future causes of action; the process of determining the problem of the organization and coming up with proposed resolutions and finding best solutions.

Police Operational Planning – the act of determining policies and guidelines for police activities and operations in the department.

Police planning – is an attempt by the police administration to allocate anticipated resources to meet anticipated service demands.

Policy – a product of prudence or wisdom in the management of human affairs.

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