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AVID Essay Peer Review
Date of the Peer Review Session: ______________________
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Read the paper once without pausing to write comments. Then read the paper again with the following questions in mind.

1. Does the introduction clearly present the writer’s main idea of the essay? If so, please write the main idea of the essay below.


2. Does the writer include accurate supporting details and/or evidence that encompass the main idea of the essay? Write down one sentence that would benefit from being rewritten and explain why. Next, write down the essay’s best sentence below.


3. Does the essay include a clear introduction, body paragraphs with smooth, enriching transitions as well as a commendable conclusion? Support your answer with reasons why or why not. If necessary, provide the writer with an example of how he/she might more effectively organize the essay.


Does the writer use accurate vocabulary and a variety of sentence structures? Write down a sentence that contains an exceptional vocabulary choice. Write down a recommended change to better improve the language choice of at least one sentence.


4. Does the writer use punctuation properly? Is the semi-colon overused? Does the writer make use of hyphen and colons when appropriate? Describe any places where you think the punctuation, spelling or grammar may be improved and suggest potential alternatives.

Download 6.89 Kb.

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