University Preparation Course Extended Essay 2: Writing an Introduction

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University Preparation Course Extended Essay 2

Extended Essay 2: Writing an Introduction

For your extended essay, you have already taken the first steps. You have….

  • chosen a subject area and decided on a topic.

  • formed a clear research question or topic statement.

  • carried out some basic research (i.e. read books and looked at online sources).

What’s the next stage?

We need to write the introduction.

Introduction: you must introduce the topic, giving some basic information to interest the reader and show why the topic is important. Include the research question in the introduction. This will be in the form of a question or a topic statement (or both). It must be clear and focused. This will show the aim of your extended essay.

Example: Here is the topic of an extended essay.
How important was the participation* of Spanish soldiers to the outcome** of World War Two? *participation=involvement **outcome=result.

Read this introduction to the extended essay title above and do the tasks on the next page:
World War Two was one of the most important events in the 20th century, resulting in many deaths and redrawing the map of Europe. The two sides were the allies: Britain, Russia, the USA and France, and the axis: Germany, Italy and Japan. However, soldiers from many other countries were involved in the war, playing a significant role and possibly influencing the outcome. One such country was Spain, which had many soldiers involved in the conflict, fighting in many battles. But how important was their participation to the outcome of the war?
The issue of the participation of Spanish soldiers is still important today, not only in Spain, but also among historians worldwide. While the soldiers on both sides – allies and axis - have memorials to honour them and recognize their efforts, there aren’t any to remember the Spanish soldiers who fought and died. For this reason it is particularly important to focus on this issue and establish how important the participation of Spanish soldiers was to the outcome of World War Two.


  • Showing the aim of your essay.

  1. Highlight the sentence that is the research question.

  2. Highlight the research question changed into a statement.
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