Contract Change Notice #1

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Current Contract Information Travel Services Contract No. 01913

Contract Change Notice #1

Issue Date: November 20, 2013

Contract Number:


Commodity :


Replaces Contracts:

00309 -Agent Assisted and 07406- Internet Based

Contract Title:

Travel Services – Agent Assisted and Internet Based


Administrative updates only

Original award date:


Current Contract Period:




Initial Contract term:

Two years

Maximum Contract term:

Six years or through 09/30/2019

Scope of contract

This contract is awarded to thirty seven contractors who offer one or both of the following services:

Agent Assisted Travel Services: An agent-assisted service is generally used by customers who are uncertain about their plans, unaware of the options available, and require some level of guidance or assistance with their travel needs – typically by telephone. Contractors will provide recommendations and price quotes in response to specific customer needs, and upon request, secure, modify or cancel travel reservations.

Internet Based Travel Services: An internet based service is utilized primarily by customers who are certain of their plans, familiar with their options, and require no assistance when making reservations. The system shall provide access to the other state master contracts for travel services.

For use by:

All State Agencies, Political Subdivisions, Qualified Non-profit Corporations, Participating Institutions of Higher Education (College and Universities, Community and Technical Colleges).

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