Neuroscience Graduate Program Student Travel Awards

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Neuroscience Graduate Program Student Travel Awards
The VCU Neuroscience Graduate Program offers Student Travel Awards to provide financial assistance for travel costs to national or international meetings. Travel awards are $500.00 each and application deadlines are June 1st and December 1st.
Eligibility requirements:
1. Applicants must be enrolled in the VCU Neuroscience Graduate Program and in good academic standing.

2. Students should also have passed their oral comprehensive exam.

3. Awards will be made for any national or international meeting sponsored by a recognized Society, e.g., Society for Neuroscience or American Society for Neurochemistry.
4. Applicants must be the first (presenting) author of a submitted abstract.
5. Limit of two applicants from any laboratory may apply for each deadline.
6. Travel award recipients are expected to attend the entire meeting.
7. Applicants may receive support multiple times however priority will be given to those student who have not previously received a Travel Award from the Neuroscience Graduate Program.
Application packages must include:
1. A copy of the applicant’s abstract submission.
2. Applicant’s full CV, including education, honors and awards, publications (abstracts and manuscripts) and professional society memberships.
3. One-page letter of recommendation from the applicant’s advisor.
4. One-page essay by the applicant describing their research and career goals, and how attending the meeting will support these career goals.

Applications will be reviewed by the Neuroscience Graduate Program Steering Committee. Awardees are chosen on the basis of the scientific merit of their abstracts, a letter of nomination from a principal investigator or advisor, research and career goals, and essay.

Completed applications should be submitted to the Program Director: John W. Bigbee, Ph.D. (

Download 4.83 Kb.

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