From: Tom Dienst, Business Services

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December 10, 2014

To: Departmental travel coordinators
From: Tom Dienst, Business Services
Re: University business travel guidelines and updates

  1. Travel authorizations (ATs) must have an authorized approval before purchasing airline tickets or expending funds on other travel expenses.

  1. For the purchase of domestic airline tickets, the Easybiz booking tool is required for all city pairs served by Alaska Airlines with their best price guarantee. For city pairs and routes not served by Alaska Airlines please shop the best price and use an alternate booking tool when the price is more economical. This is change from the past requirement to use only Easybiz for domestic routes and the change is designed to save on travel expenditures. In your travel documentation, please show the comparison pricing when not using Easybiz.

  1. Airline tickets should be purchased 14-21 days in advance of travel. The Alaska Airlines pricing structure charges a premium for short lead time purchases. It is not uncommon for ticket prices to double when the lead time is short. Please provide an explanation on the AT if business necessity prevented an advance purchase.

  1. Please do not use the Easybiz ‘wallet’ for canceled airline tickets. You are responsible for the tracking and reconciliation of unused airline tickets to avoid losing the value of the ticket at the 12 month expiration. The wallet combines cancellations for all departments, making tracking difficult.

  1. University travelers must ask for government hotel room rates and seek advance supervisor approval for hotel lodging rates that exceed 150% of the published federal GSA city rates.

  1. When rental car ground transportation is approved, travelers should seek economical rates, waive supplemental insurance coverage and select standard or mid-size vehicles unless business necessity (noted on the travel authorization) requires full size or larger vehicles.

  1. Itemized receipts are required for reimbursement of approved expenses. Airline boarding passes should be requested from travelers but may be omitted when the traveler is not an employee. When per diem is to be paid and the boarding pass is not readily available, the reimbursement will be based on the purchased flight itinerary.

  1. Travelers as well as staff arranging travel should be familiar with university travel guidelines and are accountable to insure compliance with UA travel policies and regulations.

  1. In compliance with the January 1, 2015 change in the federal local mileage reimbursement rate, local mileage will be reimbursed at $0.575 per mile.

Please call Wendy Cole at 6491 or myself at 6497 for any travel information or special need.

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