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Musa Sapientum (Banana) as Car Polish Spray

Presented to the class of
Ms.Lara Jenelle M. Busuego

In partial fulfilment of the Requirements of the Grade 12 Practical Research II Project

Alejo, Joe Adrian B.
Antonio, Aldrick Matthew P.
Cuizon, Jericho
De Guzman, Carl Michael D.
De Guzman, Harold
Exiomo, Louise Andrei C.
Guibone, Raymond Dave P.
Gumatay, Mike Angelo M.
Hufalar, Brayan S.
Jaro, Albert D.
Mabansag, King Paolo D.
Santos, Edrian Jerome
Vasquez, Jimuel P.

December 2019

This research aims to discover alternative materials or ingredients for creating a car polish/car spray. For this purpose, the Musa sapientum (banana) are carefully used and studied it’s components. Then, the musa sapientum spray are applied to 3 different objects such as glass, steel/aluminum and polycarbonate plastic to create different results. First, due to the search for available and tangible alternative materials in creating a car polish spray, different books and articles are used to find a non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative material. Second, the availability of materials are considered and the demands of having a much affordable and easy to get surface/car polish. To prove the effectiveness of the said alternative material, 3 different objects such as glass, steel/aluminum and polycarbonate plastic to validate and demonstrate the efficiency of the product. Applying a developed conceptual framework that shows the flexibility of the product, being a multi-purpose spray, a chemical cleaning agent, polishing agent and an anti-bacterial substance. The analysis of the external industry was mainly based on the screening of competitor’s products and product reviews. Hence, the information that are gathered depended on the data that are accessible.

Download 497.92 Kb.

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