Albert Camus / The Plague

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Albert Camus / The Plague

Essay topics for Albert Camus The Plague

  1. “The Myth of Sisyphos” and The Plague

  2. Rieux and Paneloux – speculations on God and the World

  3. “It’s a matter of common decency.” Comment on that quote from Dr. Rieux

  4. What can be learned from “The Plague”?

Some literature on Albert Camus and the text available in the library

PQ2605 .A3734 P432

Approaches to teaching Camus's The plague / edited by

Steven G. Kellman.

PQ2605 .A3734 Z72135 1982

Camus / Patrick McCarthy.

PQ2602 .A3734 Z64

The narcissistic text : a reading of Camus' fiction / Brian T. Fitch.

PQ2105 .B4 v.138

Voltaire and Camus : the limits of reason and the

awareness of absurdity / Patrick Henry

PG3328 .Z6 K516

Dostoevskij and Camus : the themes of consciousness,

isolation, freedom and love / Irina Kirk.

PQ2605 .A3734 P434 1983 (if you read French !)

La peste: Camus : analyse critique / par Pol Gaillard.

PQ2605 .A3734 Z7225

Albert Camus of Europe and Africa. O'Brien, Conor Cruise

PQ2605 .A3734 Z72313

Albert Camus and Christianity / Translated by Emmett

Parker. Onimus, Jean.

PQ2605 .A3734 Z556

Camus : a collection of critical essays. Brée, Germaine.

PQ2605 .A3734 Z63

Albert Camus and the literature of revolt / John Cruickshank.

PQ2605 .A3734 Z74

Albert Camus : a study of his work. Thody, Philip Malcolm Walker

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