Français II mme Gyllenborg Affton High School 2013-2014

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Français II – Mme Gyllenborg

Affton High School 2013-2014 – 638-6330 X11529

Chairman Modern Language Department

Philosophy: “Long ago I realized that my most important work is to form caring citizens of the world. I use French to do this—to expose young people to other cultures, cuisines, holidays, religions, and viewpoints. I teach tolerance while opening their minds to a different set of symbols, a different way of expression, perhaps even a different way of thinking.” Barbara Gordon, Liverpool High School, New York.
Our Mission Statement: “Through learning language, we learn about culture. Through learning about culture, we learn respect for others. Through learning respect for others, we can hope for peace.”
Description: This course builds upon the functions covered in French I with development and expansion of vocabulary in the context of expressing opinions and preferences. Students learn to talk about the past and future. French II presents additional cultural information about French-speaking people, specifically French high school students and their life styles.
Textbook: Bon Voyage

The American Council of Teaching Foreign Language (ACTFL) focuses on five components as the standards for teaching. The Affton High School curriculum is aligned with the ACTFL standards.

Communication: Communicate in languages other than English.
Cultures: Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
Connections: Connect with other disciplines and acquire information.
Comparisons: Develop insight into the nature of language and culture.
Communities: Participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.

Policies: Students are responsible for the work assigned. Specific due dates are always posted in class. The large project assignments and due dates are posted on the website. If a student is absent, the assigned work must be completed in a timely fashion. All work for each chapter must be turned in before the corresponding chapter test. All late papers will result in a grade of 40%. Using an internet translator will result in a failing grade for the assignment.

Grading: Chapter tests and projects are worth 50%; the remainder of the student’s work comprises the other 50% of the grade (quizzes, compositions, listening comprehension, speaking proficiency, class participation, etc.)

Le Calendrier – Français II

2013- 2014
Premier Semestre
Août – Révision A-F
Septembre – Chapitre 1

End of T1 grading cycle – le 28 sept.

Octobre – Chapitre 2

La Semaine National du Français

Novembre – Chapitre 3

Unique de Vous (question game)

End of T2 grading cycle – le 9 nov.
Décembre – Chapitre 4-5

Examen final over Chapitres 1-5

End of T3 grading cycle – le 21 déc.
Deuxième Semestre
Janvier – Chapitre 6

En 10 Ans (future tense game)

Personne Célèbre (famous French Person on B/C days)

Projet des Verbes (Verb project)

Février - Chapitre 7

Mardi Gras

End of T4 grading cycle – le 22 fév.
Mars – Chapitre 8

Chasse de Choses (magazine game)

Foreign Film Festival (Les Misérables)

Visitez un restaurant français

AATF National French Contest
Avril – Chapitre 9

French Essay Contest

Great Paris Waiter’s Race

Paris – La Ville Lumière

End of T5 grading cycle – le 12 avril
Mai – Chapitre 11

Le Grand Concours

Examen final over Chapitres 1-11

End of T6 grading cycle – le 23 mai

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