2008 Academics, Athletic & Arts Scholarship

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2008 Academics, Athletic &

Arts Scholarship


Four - $1000 Scholarships including a AAA 1-year Basic membership. Scholarships will be disbursed to the winners’ schools upon verification of second semester enrollment.
Minimum Requirements:

  1. 2.75 grade point average or better (on 4.0 scale) through the 7th semester of high school.

  1. Participated in at least 2 years of arts activities including, but not limited to, band, orchestra, choir, speech, and drama.

  1. Participated in at least 2 years of athletics including, but not limited to, football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, tennis, and cheerleading.

  1. Be a high school senior graduating from a high school or home schooled with GED in AAA MountainWest territory (Alaska, Montana or Wyoming) and attending a college or accredited technical school in either Alaska, Montana, or Wyoming during the 2008-2009 school year.


  1. Complete the attached application form and essay. Use additional pages as needed. Application can be replicated but information must follow in order of application form.

  1. Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, coach, spiritual director, or other adult who is not a relative and is familiar with the situation described in the application essay.

  1. Submit a transcript of grades through the 7th semester of high school.

  1. Assemble application in the order listed above. Do not place materials in a report binder or cover.

All applications must be postmarked by March 1, 2008 and received at the address below no later than March 7, 2008:
AAA MountainWest

Attn: Scholarship Committee

2100 11th Avenue

Helena, MT 59601

Application form is also available on the Internet at AAA.com Winners will be announced in May. No affiliation with AAA is necessary to apply for this scholarship. Employees of AAA MountainWest, AAA Montana, AAA Alaska, and AAA Wyoming and members of the employee’s immediate family are not eligible.
The scholarship program in Montana is administered in cooperation with the Montana High School Association.

2008 Academics, Athletic & Arts Scholarship



High School Graduation Date:


Home Address:

Street City State Zip

Home Phone:
Date of Birth:
Parent(s) Name(s)
High School: School Phone Number:
Cumulative Grade Point Average (through 7th semester):
Name of local newspaper:
Post-secondary school you plan to attend:

Name City State

Area of study:
Please answer the following questions on separate page(s) and attach to application.

  1. List participation in the arts. Please include number of years in each activity.

  2. List participation in athletics. Please include number of years in each activity.

  3. List community activities you are involved in.

  4. List High School awards and honors:

Please write an essay describing the greatest risk you have ever taken, and what you gained or learned through the choices you made in this experience. Attach essay to application as well.

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