Senior Planning Timeline All Year

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Senior Planning Timeline

All Year

*Avoid Senioritis! Maintain a challenging course schedule. Consider AP courses, and Dual Enrollment. Colleges do request final transcripts. Acceptances have been reversed when students did not maintain the quality of their academic performance.

*Counselors will follow up with students and parents to discuss grades, graduation requirements, post secondary plans, etc.

*Use Career Planner/Career Cruising accessible through the LHS webpage ( for assistance with academic and career planning, scholarship and financial aid info.

*Listen to the intercom announcements, view the scrolling announcements, watch the JIB and regularly check the LHS webpage under the Guidance link for available scholarship information.


Review graduation requirements.

Register/take SAT/ACT.

Create a CFNC account ( to help plan, apply and pay for college

Visit college campuses and interview with college representatives.

Register with (NCAA) Eligibility Clearinghouse, if competing in Division I or Division II college sports this is an eligibility requirement!!


Make sure your schedule will ensure that you graduate.

Register/take SAT/ACT

Begin working on college applications, including essays, and continue to visit campuses and interview with college admissions representatives. (2) College day visits allowed. (Prior approval form in the counseling dept)

Check your transcript for accuracy. Guidance technicians ask for a (3) day notice for transcript requests.


Attend Senior Parent Night to discuss pertinent info to navigate through your senior year

Register/take SAT/ACT

Research colleges/universities, and take virtual tours online

Research financial aid and scholarship opportunities

LHS College Day- October 24, 2012, 8:15 a.m.-9:30 a.m.


College Application Week- November 12-16(Apply to colleges waive the app fee during this week). November 14- Counselors will assist in process (upstairs D wing).

Register/take SAT/ACT

Be aware of all college application deadlines-incomplete applications will not be processed.


Register/take SAT/ACT

Complete your college applications

Sign up for a PIN to complete your FAFSA online. Your parents should also sign up for a PIN


Complete FASFA online at parents need to have completed previous years taxes

If applicable, request that your first semester grades be sent to colleges that require a mid-year report.


FAFSA Day-Feb 19, 2013 Check your email frequently after submitting the FAFSA. Within two weeks, you should receive the Student Aid Report (SAR) carefully review it for accuracy. Errors can be costly.

Register for AP Exams you want to take in May

Continue to perform well in school. Colleges can revoke offers of admission.

Acceptance letters may arrive, read them carefully

Continue to apply for appropriate scholarships, listen to JIB, intercom announcements and view scrolling and website announcements.


Prepare for and take AP exams

Submit deposits to colleges, if applicable

Complete Senior Survey (REQUIRED) for guidance to send your final transcript to the college of your choice

Senior Awards Night

Pay dues/fees (cafeteria, media, etc) in order to participate in graduation ceremony


Study/prepare for final exams

Send Thank You notes to individuals who helped you in the application process

If you are competing in Division I or II college sports, send final transcript to NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse

Mailing of FINAL transcripts to designated school


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