Reflection Essay 1

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Reflection Essay 1

There will be three reflection essays in University 150. Each reflection essay should summarize your observations concerning writing progress made during the specified period of time. The text should be written as an essay between 300 and 500 words.

Guidelines to Reflection Essay 1: Reflect upon the progress that has or has not been made over the first five weeks of instruction.

Making use of the following list and any other thought-provoking materials particular to your writing process, reflect upon the progress that has or has not been made over the first five weeks of instruction. Take note of what you perceive to be important steps that have moved to forward in your writing journey; if you have not moved forward, try to determine why. There is no single correct answer, as every writer is an individual. Refer to journal entries you made throughout the first five week of classes for a specific examples and details you may wish to include in your reflection piece.

Reflection I - points to consider (not an all-inclusive list)

  1. Status of writing skills at the end of week five

  2. Status of participating in peer review essay

3. Pertinent points discussed at individual conference

4. Comfort level when participating in peer-review as a writer

5. Comfort level when writing skills at the onset of the course reader

6. Specific points covered in class that have aided in understanding of


7. Specific changes made in writing process as result of classroom


8. Significance of study hall attendance

Outline of the Reflection Essay

Progress in the Class

  1. Essay writing

Essay 1

Grade – WSPT




Need to study

Planning Essay 2

Student Habits

Coming to class

Posting essays on blackboard, printing out copies

Participating in the Peer review

Coming to conference


Sentence Structure

Grammar test


Web sites – resources

Catching up on Journals One through Five

To complete the first five journals, these are a few suggestions for topics.

1. Write a paragraph about how you will manage your time to accomplish your goal of a college education.  Use any of these questions to guide your thinking:

  • What are your priorities?

  • How will you balance school, work and family/friends?

  • What are some time management tools you plan to use?

  • How can you deal with time bandits?

2. Write a paragraph about how you will avoid procrastination.  Consider these ideas when thinking about procrastination: fear of failure, fear of success, perfectionism, need for excitement, excellence without effort, and loss of control.  How will you complete your assignments on time?

3. What is your plan for managing your money?  Consider these ideas when thinking about your plan: monitoring how you spend your money, using a budget, applying for financial aid and scholarships, saving money and spending money wisely.

4. Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook at Explain how examining potential careers is helpful in choosing a major.

5. Consider the people you have met at Old Dominion University this semester. Explain why an understanding and appreciation of diversity can become important in your future. How will meeting a people both similar to and different from you be helpful to you in your academic career and in your work life?

(From College and Career Success by Dr. Marsha Fralick, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2011)

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