Prompt: What is one activity you would never try? Give three reasons you would never try it

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Prompt: What is one activity you would never try? Give three reasons you would never try it.

Hurtling through the Amazon on a thin wire through the trees would be amazing! Flying through the air with only a parachute above me would be invigorating! Bumping along in an open Jeep on an African safari within view of fierce lions would be the ultimate experience. The world is full of many exciting activities that I would like to try. I am a fairly brave person and rarely shy away from adventure, but one activity I would never try is Nascar racing. I would never drive in a Nascar race because I fear car crashes, I don’t like great speed, and I am wary of other drivers.

One reason I would never wish to drive in a Nascar race is that I fear car crashes. My father used to drive heavy equipment for Charleroi borough, and one of his responsibilities was driving the snowplows in the winter. He would always tell me about how cars slid into him or how black ice caused major accidents. I myself had an accident when I first bought my Subaru, and I crashed into a guard rail. I was terrified. My fiancée also had a serious accident on black ice and could have died. These accidents occurred on simple roads at reduced speed. If these accidents could occur with those conditions, I truly fear what could occur at race speeds. Car crashes are one reason I would never drive in a Nascar race, but speed is a close second.

Another reason I would never wish to be a race car driver is that I don’t feel comfortable driving at fast speeds. I rarely drive in the city or on major highways. The rapid pace of vehicles scares me there. I also have driven in New Jersey and Florida where cars seem to exceed the speed limit regularly. I am not comfortable driving there because of how rapidly these drivers move. When I watch the races, I am always amazed at how fast the cars go. I could never do that. As a result, driving in a Nascar race is not for me because of how rapidly the car must travel, yet a third reason also exists.

The final reason that I would not like to drive a race car for an activity is that I am wary of other drivers. My father always taught me to be more concerned with other drivers on the road than with my own driving. I see other drivers using their phones, daydreaming, and putting on make-up each morning while I am driving to work. I see how careless this makes them as they swerve into other lanes, don’t drive when the light turns green, or gradually weave onto the edge of the road. I realize that race car drivers will not have these distractions, but they do a have a very different one, to win the race and secure financial rewards because of it. This will make them ruthless and cutthroat. I know that my driving and my car will not be their priority, which will put me in danger. Therefore, I am wary of other drivers and will not ever drive a race car!

One activity I will never do is to drive a race car for Nascar. I am too afraid of crashes, fast pace, and other drivers to ever attempt this crazy activity! I will gladly watch Nascar from the safety of my living room. I could perhaps better enjoy that activity there!

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