Persuasive Essay Writing Pointers By the end of the 3rd

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Persuasive Essay Writing Pointers

  • By the end of the 3rd sentence of your introduction paragraph’s opener, be sure to write your “Position Statement” (this is the sentence that informs the reader of what your paper will be about and what side of an issue/argument you are on) - “College football is the best football to watch live at a stadium”

  • Your introduction paragraph should include the “Position Statement” (which is really your “topic” as well), mention the reasons coming up in the body paragraphs, include some general BK (background knowledge) about your topic, and a closing

  • Your closing paragraph should transition from the last body paragraph, should restate the reasons that came up in your body paragraphs, and have a final sentence that closes the paragraph AND essay/paper (and it should RESTATE your position statement – this is called your “Call to Action”)

  • Your body paragraphs are where you elaborate and go in depth about each of your reasons you choose to help prove your position statement

  • Your MISSION is to “SELL” your reason to the reader (the “BUYER”)

  • You want the reader to “BUY” (or “believe”) your reasons

  • For the reader to “BUY” what you are “selling”, you have to ELABORATE your detail set(s) for each reason body paragraph in depth so they CONVINCE the reader about that body paragraph’s reason

  • Your detail set(s) for each reason should include convincing details, facts, data, stories, and other true information that can help your case (position)

  • If you don’t have enough convincing data/information to go in depth enough with just one detail set for your reason, then ADD another detail set to help sway (convince) your reader to be on your side (or at least truly believe what you are saying)

  • Oftentimes, detail sets for each reason include “causal chains” (using “cause and effect” situations to help prove your reason)

  • Writers often use “rhetorical questions” as well in their detail sets and other paragraphs to get a reader thinking about your side/position

  • For the WA State M.S.P. (Measurement of Student Progress) Persuasive Writing Test, a good standard for writers is to create a 4- or 5-paragraph essay, which includes an introduction paragraph, a closing paragraph, and either 2 or 3 body paragraphs – with each body paragraph being about one of the reasons that proves your side/position you are trying to convince your readers with

  • A sample of a good body paragraph (it would be transitioned from the previous paragraph) follows:

This body paragraph is about the reason “Speaker system pump-up music as traditions” for the persuasive position of “College football is the best football to watch live at a stadium”:
It’s not only the hard-hitting, physical nature of the game with defenses going after their opponents that is exciting to watch, but what also helps to intrigue and interest college football fans on game day is the adrenaline-rushing, body-shaking, fast-grooving music that is blared from the stadium’s speaker sound system, and it’s definitely used to pump up the crowd! This music is not just randomly played to excite the fans, however. Many stadiums and colleges across the country have established some “tradition” with their music that is unique to that location – but known nationwide – to be an intimidating factor to opponents and exhilarating to the home crowd! College football fans feed off this! Take for instance the University of Wisconsin’s traditional playing of the song “Jump Around” by House of Pain. This song is played immediately at the end of the 3rd Quarter of every game, and as the song begins playing, almost all of the fans stand and begin jumping up and down, with both of their arms pumping up and down (in a “raise the roof” fashion). This leads to that internal adrenaline rush that pumps up the fans, but also energizes the home team Wisconsin Badger players! All of this jumping up and down LITERALLY causes the stadium to shake and rock! Who wouldn’t want to be in the midst of this controlled chaos? How can it not pump everyone up? Wouldn’t this even intimidate the opponent? When you speak of intimidation, Virginia Tech plays “Enter Sandman” by Metallica as their home team the Hokies first enter the stadium and run onto the field at the beginning of each home game. The crowd, like in Wisconsin, jumps to their feet and begins jamming out, playing air guitars, head-bobbing, and jumping up and down to each drumbeat and rhythm of this classic rock groove! Many other universities and colleges across the United States use different musical grooves to pump up their crowds and players, but these two examples, in my opinion, rise to the top, and it’s easy for me to see how the playing of traditional speaker sound system music helps to make college football the most exciting and best live football action!

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