Osteopathic (DO) Medical School Application Process

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Osteopathic (DO) Medical School Application Process

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Osteopathic Medical College Information Book (free online):


Admissions Test: MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)

MCAT Essentials: https://www.aamc.org/students/download/63060/data/mcatessentials.pdf

Registration Timeline: Tests are administered January through September and registration opens in mid-October. It is recommended to register at least 60 days prior to your desired test date.
Fee: One month or more prior to the exam: $275 per test [reschedule date/test center fee: $65; cancellation refund: $135]

3-4 weeks prior to the exam: $275 per test [reschedule date/test center fee: $125; NO cancellation refund]

1-2 weeks prior to the exam: $325 [NO reschedule date/test center option; NO cancellation refund]

* Payment by credit card only; registration cannot be reversed once it is started

Fee Assistance Program (FAP): Reduces the testing fee to $100 if eligible ($150 if registering 1-2 weeks prior to the exam). See https://www.aamc.org/students/applying/fap/ for details; apply early, as it takes time.
Scores will automatically be sent to AMCAS participating schools. Scores are viewable online 30-35 days after your test date
Limit: 3 tests per calendar year

MCAT Subtests

Physical Sciences

70 minutes

Verbal Reasoning

60 minutes

Biological Sciences

70 minutes

Void Question

5 minutes

Trial Section (optional)

45 minutes

Survey (optional)

10 minutes

Total content time

4 hours 5 minutes

Scoring: 1-15 per section for Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, and Biological Sciences; score is based on the number of correct responses so there is no penalty for guessing

Practice Tests: https://www.aamc.org/students/applying/mcat/preparing/85158/orderingpracticetests_mcat.html
Application Service: AACOMAS *User your FULL legal name; know your MCAT ID. Print a copy of your completed application for your reference.

Fee: $175 for one school; $32 for each additional school. Fee is non-refundable. Fee waivers are available but must be submitted and approved prior to application submission by May.
Re-applicants: Information will be carried over from year to year.
Transcripts: Transcript Matching Form (MUST accompany official transcripts by application deadline). You need a separate form for EACH school you have attended; each form has a unique barcode that links to your application.
Repeat Grades: Enter ALL attempts at courses, regardless of repeats or grades of W; only the final attempt will be calculated.
Personal Statement: You will be asked to submit a 4500 character maximum statement expressing your motivation or desire to pursue osteopathic medicine education.
Letters of Evaluation (LOEs): DO schools vary in how they collect LOEs – check school websites. It is strongly preferred to have one letter from a DO, this can come after the initial application submission (look at individual school for specific requirements of number and type of letters as well as submission guidelines).
Verification: Process of verification of grades through AACOMAS takes 3-6 weeks once ALL required materials are received; letters and supplemental applications are NOT required for verification ( processing times in October are longer than in June).
Supplemental Applications: Supplemental secondary applications require additional fees and essays that vary by school; make sure you are meeting deadlines set by schools.
Acceptances: Make sure you are meeting school deadlines and withdraw applications from all schools following a final decision on attendance. Many osteopathic schools have rolling admissions cycles, check individual schools for their schedule. Schools also conduct a criminal background check and undergraduate disciplinary checks prior to final matriculation.
Application Process General Timeline

After interviews, please help us help current students by filling out this quick survey about your experience:


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