C Letter writing Formal Letter Letter types includes

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(c) Letter writing

Formal Letter

Letter types includes:

    1. Business or official letter (for making enquires, registering complaints, asking for and giving information, placing orders and sending replies.

    2. Letter to the editor (giving suggestions on an issue)

    3. Application for the job)

Marks Distribution:
Format - 2 Marks

Expression - 4 marks

Content - 4 marks
A formal letter has the following parts.

  • Sender’s Address

  • Date

  • Addressee’s address

  • Salutation

  • Subject

  • Body of the letter (content) (preferably in three or four paragraphs)

  • Complementary ending

  • Sender’s signature & name

Note: Formal letter must be written in fully blocked format as per CBSE curriculum.


Sender’s address
Addressee’s address
Dear Sir/Mam
Subject: ………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Body of the letter

Your’s faithfully / sincerely

(i) Letter to the Editor ( a letter to the editor could be written to:)

  • Express an opinion

  • Complaint against a social problem

  • Refer to the situation/viewpoint that you wish to highlight

  • If it is a social problem the three major areas to be included are-

      1. causes of the problem

      2. effects of the problem

      3. solutions to the problem

  • conclude politely

Q. Write letter to the Editor of a newspaper suggesting how the problem of begging can be ended. You are Sumit of Civil Lines, Kanpur

Civil Lines

20th January ‘2011
The Editor

The Hindustan Times

New Delhi
Subject: Regarding the problem of begging & how it can be ended.
I shall feel obliged if you kindly public the following few lines ‘Letters to the Editor’ column of your esteemed paper.

Some beggars, no doubt, deserve our sympathy. They are handicapped. They are unable to earn their living. But the pity is that most of the beggars are able-bodied. Begging has become a profession for them. They find it the easiest way to earn their living. Some of them are criminals. They beg only to hide their crimes. This large-scales begging is a slur on the fair name of our country.

Begging should be abolished by law. It should be made a punishable offence. The government should open asylums for those beggars who are really helpless. Able-bodied beggars should forced to work. If they go without work, they must also go without food. We should have no sympathy for such impostors. We should not encourage them by giving alms. People can thus play a big role in ending this evil.
Yours faithfully

(ii)Letter of Enquiry ( a letter enquiry could be written to enquire about)

Include the following content

  • Refer to the advertisement if mentioned in the question.

  • Specify the information that you need

  • Conclude politely requesting for a prompt response

Q. You are Meena Saxena of Kanpur. You have come across an advertisement of a coaching centre that prepares students for the Pre Medical Test. Writ a letter to the director of the institute asking for information that you require before you decide to join it.






CONTACT: TEL: 23417689

7, Greater Colony

21st January ‘2011

The Director

Sky-High Institute

25 High Street

Subject: Enquiry regarding coaching classes

Dear Sir,
This is in reference to your advertisement in ‘The Daily Times’ dated 18 January 2011. I am preparing for the Pre Medical Test. I am interested in joining your institute, but befor I do so, I would like the following information.

I would like to know the duration and the timings of the course. What is the fee structure and the mode of payment? I would also like to know the strength of each batch and the success rate of your Institute. Do you offer any discount to students who have excelled in academics?

I would be grateful if you could give me a prompt response so that I can take timely decision to join your institute.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Meena Saxena

(iii)Letter for placing an order ( the goods ordered through a letter include)

  • Books

  • Sports / laboratory equipment

  • Magazines / journals

  • Electronic gadgets

  • Garments

  • Household items

Include the following content

  • Refer to the advertisement

  • Give details of goods being ordered (brand , item, author, colour/size etc, quantity, price if given)

  • Give the mode of dispatch and payment

  • Conclude politely asking for a prompt and safe delivery of goods.


Q. You are Priya Khanna, librarian of your school, Aligarh. You have been asked to place an order for some books for the school library. Write a letter to the Sales Manager, Light House, Main Road, Noida, placing an order for the books that you need.

Army School

20th January ‘2011

The Sales Manager

Light House

Main Road

Subject: Placing an order for books

Dear Sir,

I have reliably learnt that your book shop supplies books at discount rates. I would like to place the following order for the school library.

S.No. Book’s Name Author Quantity

1. Macbeth William Shakespeare one

2. The Suitable Boy Vikram Seth one

3. Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen one

4. Wing of Fire APJ Kalam one
The payment will be made by cheque on receipt of the goods. Kindly ensure that the order reaches us within a week .
Thanking you
Yours faithfully


Librarian, Army School

(iv) Job Application ( A job application has two parts. One is the covering letter and the other is the biodata to be sent along with the covering letter)
Q. You are Amit Sharma,H.No.573, MG Marg, New Delhi. You have seen an advertisement in The Hindustan Times for the post of Marketing Manager. Write an application for the same to the General Manager, G.P. Pvt. Limited, Mumbai with complete biodata.


MG Marg

New Delhi

22nd January ‘2011
The General Manager

G.P. Pvt. Limited,

Subject: Application for the post of Marketing Manager.
Dear Sir,

In response to your advertisement in the ‘The Hindustan Times’ dated 16th January ‘2011. I wish to be considered the post of Marketing manager. I feel my qualification and experience are suitable for the post mentioned above.

I am enclosing my biodata, a testimonials and attested copies of my certificates.
I hop to receive a positive response from your company.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Amit Sharma
Encl: biodata, testimonials, attested copies of certificates.


Name Anil Sharma
Father’s Name Sh. Naresh Sharma
Date of Birth 10th December 1985
Age 25 years
Sex Male
Martial Status Single
Nationality Indian
Educational Qualification (i) B.Sc from DCP, College, New Delhi

(ii) MBA (Marketing), College of Buisness

Management, Lucknow
Experience one year at Wipro Limited as Marketing

Languages Known English & Hindi

Strength Good time management

Positive team spirit & leadership

Hobbies Reading, Travelling & playing
Permanent Address H.No. 678, Civil Lines , Patiala
Correspondence Address H.No.573 ,MG Marg ,New Delhi
Contact No. 9825678231
Email ID anil.sh _green @gmail.com
References (1) Prof. AK Ranjan

Adarsh College, Ambala

(2) Dr. B.M. Gupta

Civil Hospital


(v) Letter of Complaint (The complaint could be against)

  • A social problem

  • Poor services by an agency/organization

  • Defect in product

Include the following content:

  • Introduce & give details of product you wish to complain against

  • Give causes of the problem

  • Ask for action to be taken

  • Conclude politely, hoping for prompt action


You are Anshu / Akash staying at 5-k.k. Nagar New Delhi . Last month you brought a video camera from Ruchi electronics, south bazaar, New Delhi against a warranty of two year. Now you discover that there is some thing wrong with this camera. Write a letter to the dealer complaining about this problem. Also request him to replace it. (200 words)

5-K.K Nagar

New Delhi

10th November 2006
The Dealer

Ruchi electronics

South bazaar –New Delhi
Sub.: complaint against video camera.

This complaint is with reference ………………………(Bill no add date of purchasing) …………………......………………………………………………………

Now it has started developing ……………………….. (Mention the problem) …………………………………

I would like to ………… (Request for replacing)……..

Looking forward to an early response
Your faithfully

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