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Module Handbook

Module Name:

Programming and Algorithm

Module Level:


Abbreviation, if applicable:

MAT 101

Sub-heading, if applicable:


Courses included in the

module, if applicable:



2th / First Year

Module coordinator(s):

Auli Damayanti,S.Si., M.Si.,


Drs. Edi Winarko, M.Cs


Bahasa Indonesia

Classification within the


Compulsory Course / Elective Studies

Teaching format / class hours per week during semester:

3 hours lectures (50 min / hour)


3 hours lectures, 3 hour structural activities, 3 hours individual study, 13 week per semester, and total 117 hours per semester 3.9 ECTS

Credit Points:




Learning goals/competencies:

General Competence (Knowledge)

capable of making algorithm to solve problems and then creating computer programs from algorithms that had made.
Specific Competence:

  1. Explaining the algorithms and programming and contructing an algorithm

  2. Create a C ++ program structure

  3. Create a C ++ program using variables and data types C ++

  4. Create a C ++ program using the operator and input / output in C ++

  5. Create a C ++ program using selection statements in C ++.

  6. Create a C ++ program using repetition statements in C ++

  7. Creating a function declaration in programming C ++

  8. Creating a C ++ program for the data type Array

  9. Creating a C ++ program for string data type

  10. Create sorting algorithms and able to make its program C ++

  11. Create serching algorithms and able to make its program C ++

  12. Creating a C ++ program for the data type pointer

  13. Creating a C ++ program for the data type structures

  14. Creating a C ++ program on using the file as input or output of a program


The fundamental concept of algorithm and programming, the introduction of c++, variable and data type, the operators and statements i / o, selection, looping, function, array, data sorting, data searching, string, structure, pointer, and operation file.

Attribut soft skill

Activity, disciplinary, honesty, creativity and cooperation

Study/exam achievements:

The assessment is essay test

Final score (NA) is calculated as follow: 10% softskill + 20%

Assignment + 20%quiz + 25% UTS + 25% UAS
Final index is defined as follow:

A : 75 100

AB : 70 - 74.99

B : 65 - 69.99

BC : 60 - 64.99

C : 55 - 59.99

D : 40 - 54.99

E : 0 - 39.99

Forms of Media:

Slides and LCD projectors, whiteboards

Learning Methods

Lecture, assessments and group discussion


  1. Kadir, Abdul; 2015, Pemrograman C++, Penerbi Andi, Yogyakarta

  2. Kadir, Abdul; 2014, Algoritma dan Pemrograman menggunakan C & C++, Edisi I, Penerbit Andi, Yogyakarta.

  3. Peter Prinz, Ulla Kirch-Prinz, 2002, A complete guide to programming in C++, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, London

  4. D.S. Malik, 2007, C++ Programming, Thomson Course Technology Publisher, USA


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