Mizzou Teach Ag Summer Academy Application

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Mizzou Teach Ag Summer Academy


Thank you for considering attending the Missouri Teach Ag Summer Academy. This academy is for students who are interested in becoming teachers of agriculture and FFA advisors in the future. The 2 ½ day program will allow you to learn more about being an agriculture teacher, engage in numerous activities, meet follow students with a similar interest, and experience time on the University of Missouri campus.
Students going into their senior or junior year of high school are eligible for the program. The cost of the academy is $25 which includes all meals and campus dormitory lodging. The following application (completed by the student) and nomination form (completed by Teacher of Agriculture or Guidance Counselor) must be submitted by May 16th to:
Dr. Jon Simonsen

Department of Agricultural Education and Leadership

121 Gentry Hall

Columbia, MO 65211

Student information:


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List High School and Community Activities (include any leadership positions you have held). Enter information into the highlighted text box below:

Student Essay
Please write an essay (no longer than 250 words) that addresses your interest in becoming a teacher of agriculture in the future and why you think you would be a good candidate for this academy. Enter essay into the highlighted text box below.

Teacher of Agriculture or Guidance Counselor Nomination
Please explain why you are nominating this student for the Mizzou Teach Ag Sumer Academy. Include in the description the characteristics this student possesses that will aid them in being a quality teacher of agriculture. Please include your name, title, and contact information in the nomination. Enter nomination into the highlighted text box below:

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