Main principles of three languages functioning in the south kazakhstan educational institutions

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Kabylbekova D.,

Language development department manager.

South Kazakhstan oblast.
«Government should facilitate the fulfilment of cultural project «Trilingual Unity».

«Increasement of welfare of citizens of Kazakhstan is the main goal of state policy». February 8, 2008 year.

«New generation of Kazakhstan is should be, at least, trilingual, know Kazakh, Russian and English languages perfectly. Europe is polylingual and we should aspire for it too», – the head of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbaev emphasized in his speech on 12th session of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. Addressing to the parents, he accentuated the necessity to teach children to be trilingual. It is very important for their future. Though the president appeals to trilingual unity in the country, but preserving the domination of state language. He said about it during the interactive lesson answering the guestion of the pupil. «I am for trilingual unity but I think we should pay special attention to Kazakh language as language defined by Constitution which unifies all us», – emphasized the president.

In his message the president marks out spiritual development and trilingual unity among thirty the most important directions of internal and foreign policy. The president suggested the fulfilment of cultural project «Trilingual Unity» in stages. He stressed out the fact that Kazakhstan should be accepted in the world as highly educated country with the population which uses Kazakh language as state language, Russian – language of successful integration in global economy. Kazakhstan can be competitive only if new generation is trilingual – as great Abai connected future of Kazakh people in 19th century with bilingualism through which they could learn Russian science, culture and with the help of this knowledge learn world science and culture. In the era of globalization, when Kazakhstan begins to integrate into world economy through bank system, it is very important for us to know English language too. Growing generation should try to learn three languages from early age. «Any state has its own state language, language which defines the nation and nobody can infringe it. Kazakh people have no another motherland» – marked the president. It is the evident that people ask different questions: «Can our youth fulfil the task which was set by the president to learn three languages and what do we need it for? Do young people understand the importance of being polylingual?»

I can give simple examples of growing role of polylinguality in our life. «Polylingualizm is necessity of modern life», this theme became the most important at the meeting of «round table» which was organized by department of development of languages. Leaders of youth committees of universities and colleges, representatives of department of internal policy and department of culture and development of languages of the Shymkent city.

There was oblast competition «I know many languages» among pupils of 10th grade of secondary schools. The main goal of this competition was to develop state and foreign languages and to attract young people to master the languages. Reading of extracts from literary works, dedicated to Motherland, question-answer work, accomplishment of grammar-lexical test in English – all these tasks were easily done. The best participant was Duisebaev N. from Suzak region. There were 15 participants. Second place was taken by Tuyakbaeva K. (Shymkent), Musaev A. (Tole bi region), Daribaeva G. (Arys) and Abenova A. (Mahtaaral region). Other participants were given letters of thanks and encouraging prizes.

«Polylingualizm is worthless wealth» this contest was conducted among students of colleges of our oblast. The first prize took Zhaksanova A., student of Shymkent medical college, the second prize took Abdirahmanova G., student of Kentau college, the third prize – Aldanov N., student of Shymkent college of transportation, communication and new technologies and Espenbetova D., student of college «Bolashak».

Contest «Polyglot» was organised to realize the trilingual project. Students of colleges and universities of our oblast took part in it. In the first stage participants fulfilled basic tasks checking their knowledge of languages, during second stage they performed works of famous poets and writers in three languages. In the third stage stage thye made up stories on given themes. There were 12 participants. The first prize was taken by Kalmyrzaeva G., student of IKTU Shymkent Institute named after Kh.A.Yasawi, the second prize – Sholpankulova A., student of Academy of Languages.

Committee of Language of Ministry of Culture and information of Republic of Kazakhstan conducted republic olympiad «Tildaryn – 2008» in Astana, 21-22 November. Representative of South Kazakhstan oblast was Sholpankulova A. She got prize in nomination «Unsurpassed skill». Participants competed in making presentations, press-conferences on the given theme, simultaneous translation from Russian into Kazakh, writing an essay in three languages.

Due to expand international relationship and strengthen the atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood, traditional festival was organized.

Also there were a number of sociological researches on themes: «Trilingual policy (Kazakh, Russian, English)», «Problems of development of languages in South Kazakhstan oblast» and etc.

The meeting of «round table» on theme «Conditions of teaching of foreign languages» was organised to discuss actual problems and find new ways to solve them. Representatives of high schools, colleges and universities took part in this meeting.

Our department of development of languages carries out the monitoring of quality of use of language in TV programms, advertisements and other materials of different language.

According to the «Regional Programme of functioning and development of languages in South Kazakhstan» we annually conduct oblast festival of languages of people of Kazakhstan, oblast contests, among workers of organizations, state institutions, students of high schools, colleges and universities are common in our region. Seminars, meetings of «round tables» and debates help to discuss problems of development of languages.

We understand the realia and demands of modern life. It is the necessity to know three languages as minimum for each citizen of Kazakhstan. Folk wisdom says: «Language is the key to friendship, base for unity and the beginning of prosperity». These are not only words but the truth checked by the time. This truth will help to strengthen internal stability and international agreement. This is the position of our republic and strong will of our president.

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