MidTerm Essay Exam ppe3003 Theories of Personality

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MidTerm Essay Exam

PPE3003 Theories of Personality

*Instructions: Please choose a question from the following seven and answer the question to the best of your ability. Please answer the question as extensively as possible, but keep the answer to a 2 paragraph minimum. You may answer up to two questions.

Student: ___________________________________________________________________________

  1. What is the relationship between theory and each of the following terms: (a) philosophy, (b) speculation, (c) hypothesis, and (d) taxonomy 

  2.  Describe how Freud's three levels of mental life relate to his concept of the provinces of the mind.

  3.  List and describe three Adlerian safeguarding tendencies.

  4.  List and briefly describe Jung's most important archetypes. 

  5.  Comment on Horney's unique contribution to feminine psychology within the more promasculine psychoanalytic view. Be sure to address the main tenets of Freud that Horney rejected. 

  6.  Discuss Fromm's five human, or existential, needs. 

  7.  List the key concepts in Erikson's infancy stage. 





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