Literary Analysis Rubric

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Literary Analysis Rubric





Ideas & support; synthesis

      Text is clear and focused; thesis is clear and supported by visible examples in the essay.

Essay effectively synthesizes ideas

      Text's ideas are focused but general, obvious. No solid support.

Essay mostly synthesizes ideas.

      Text lacks clear idea, purpose, and details. No support.

Essay does not synthesize ideas.


      Order compels, enhances, and moves ideas. Transitions used to connect ideas.

      Order moves reader through with confusion. Few if any transitions are used.

      Order is missing or random; no identifiable structure.

Sentence Fluency & Word Choice

      Writing flows with rhythm and cadence. Elegant.

Words are precise, interesting, engaging, powerful. Verbs are vivid; few “be” verbs are used.

      Writing moves along with some awkward moments.

Words are common and obvious; they lack energy. Many “be” verbs are used.

      Writing lacks flow; it is difficult to read.

Words are simple or vague; limited in scope.


    Writing is compelling and engaging; demonstrates insight into the novel. 

    Writing shows little insight into the novel. 

      Writing shows no insight into the novel.

Quote usage and citations

      Appropriate quotes are properly introduced, integrated, and explained.

In text citations are included and correct.

      Quotes are included, but not properly introduced, integrated and/or explained.

In text citations are included and mostly correct.

      Support is mostly anecdotal (essay lacks adequate quotes) and not properly introduced, integrated, and/or explained.

No citations.


      Observes and uses standard conventions; few errors.

      Reasonable control of conventions; distracting errors

      Errors distract the reader and make reading difficult.

  Chart adapted from Jim Burke.

Download 15.13 Kb.

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