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İstanbul, 2011

The Conquest of Heart

Mustafa İslâmoğlu


Preface 7




FATH: 18


Jihad not War: Fath not Occupation 19

Not By Force But Voluntarily 22

The Workers of Fath: The Conquerors of Hearts 24



Conquest from Allah to Man: Wahy 29

Conquest from Man to Allah: Ibadah 33

Conquest from Man to Man: Jihad 34

Conquest from Man to Nature and Matter: Discovery 40

Conquest from Man to Earth: Land and State 48

FATH (The Conquest) AS A LIFE STYLE 62






The Lost Children of Islam 83

The Role of European Muslims 84




Muslim Personality and Modern Individual 102



Written Source of Moral Behavior: Qur’an 113

Human Source of the Moral Behavior: The Prophet (s) 124

WORD 128

Art of Word According to Qur’an 129






Salah: A Conquest Going Beyond the Conquest 160



Laws of Social Transformation 171

What Is “Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil”? 172

Place of Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil in Islam 174

Its Method and Conditions 177


Reference 187

Selections from the Books of Mustafa Islamoglu: 189

This book is a continuation of the Kingdom of Heart as far as its overall theme is considered. Those who read it will know well that the Kingdom of Heart addresses how human beings can conquer their own heart. This work that you have in your hand starts from where the Kingdom of Heart ends and addresses how other hearts can be conquered.

Fath (Conquest) is already a spectacular Islamic concept. When it comes together with the heart, the marvel formed by the conjoined phrase, the Conquest of Heart, will make your heart beat with joy without a question.

The joy in your heart is quite righteous because the Conquest of Heart is taking us to the days where we were the leaders and the activists unlike nowadays when we are the subjects and the pacifists. In other words, it is taking us to the days; where our heads stand upright and not looking down; where we deliver hope to humanity because we are the messengers of peace and happiness.

What has happened? The early days of Islam started with one man (Mohammed) whose dream was embracing the whole universe. In those days, his message reached all the secluded quarters of the world and conquered many hearts and minds. The modern miserable man is evermore needy of the curative breath of the eternal message which would revive the humanity lost within the process of modernization.

Where are the conquerors of the hearts today? Where are the missionaries of happiness who will embark on their journeys proclaiming, “One Adam (man) is one world?” Who will announce the movement of humanity? Who will participate in campaigns for humanity? Who will volunteer and take responsibility for the conquest?

How did the pioneers succeed? How and with what did they carry the unchangeable values of humanity without a sword or a gun shot from Morocco to Zanzibar, Central Africa to Eastern Indian Islands, Sierra Leone to Siberia, Bosnia to New Guinea, Ceylon to Indonesia, and Malabar to Malaysia?

How did Islam reach to the Bashkird people in Hungary, to the Hausa people in the West Africa, to Mandingos in Ivory Coast, to Bogomils in Bosnia, Gujarat’s in India, to Huis in China, and to the Milbog people in the Philippines?

What was the message? How was the message extended? What were the methods and manners of delivering the message? What was the divine order of “to enjoin what is just, and forbid what is evil” and how was it executed? What were the goals and the means of the message? What was the way? Who was the passenger? What was the destination?

Is it possible to have another new campaign of conquest (fath) in today’s world? If possible, who could execute this campaign of conquest and how could it be executed? Where should they start and where should they stop? Should Islam and Muslims have a project of conquest?

First of all, how should Islam be presented to the masses who were left unknowing? How should Islam’s approach be to those who learn Islam from those who are hostile to Islam rather than those who are friendly to Islam? Should the judgment change for being hostile to Islam when Islam is dominant and when Islam is subjugated to prejudices and bias?

This work in your hand is an attempt to find answers to the questions mentioned above. The foundation of this book was laid in a conference titled, The Conquest of Heart in Hatay, Turkey in 1991. Since then, the book has continued to write itself until its birth.

I kindly leave it to your warm hands.
Mustafa Islamoglu

21 August 1997

Kucukkoy, Istanbul



Man is the author and the subject of a story that is about two millions years old. It seems as if he perceives himself as if being thrown from a corner of the universe or another dimension of the universe onto Earth.

He is tiny though he is so vast. He is needy though he is so intelligent. He is incompetent though he is so gifted. He is alone though he has so many companions on Earth. He is mortal though he is so ambitious.

Is he the most noble of the all that is created?

Yes, he is the most noble on Earth, but we have not discovered the universe yet. According to the divine message, it is possible to find similar or better beings in the universe in a time and place that we do not know yet.

Who knows? Perhaps, man is the only noble creature in the universe and he is the noblest fruit of the tree of existence.

It is certain that he was created in the best mold. It is certain that he can demonstrate the nobility that was given to him. It is certain that he can surpass the angels when he embraces the divine message. For that reason, he is perhaps superior over the Earth, sky, day and night, and moon and sun. The Earth was made green for humans to live. The sun was lit for them to find life on Earth.

There are many miracles in humans,” Pir Sultan says..

Pir Sultan is telling the truth. In reality, there are many miracles in humans. Who knows? Perhaps, the meaning of the divine words of “Velekad kerremna beni Adam” (Qur’an 17/70)—we gifted the mankind with many novelties—is that there are many miracles in mankind. Just like the rotation of the Earth and the moon, the function of the sun, the structure of the atmosphere, the line up of the solar system are all part of an intelligent design that is precise and definite.

There is another aspect that is certain. When mankind goes astray, he can do worse than the Satan due to enormity of human sins. When man goes wild, he will bewilder the wildest animals. He has a quarrelsome, dirty and hasty dimension as well. This dimension pushes him to the deepest hole as indicated with the divine message as “asfal al-safilin” (the lowest of the low, Qur’an 95:5). When man becomes wild, no living being can be compared to him. When you take his heart and leave his mind, he becomes an intelligent wild being. It is enough to look at the collateral damage of the two world wars that occurred in our age to see how man can transform into a monster, which can kill his own. Today, the arms race is even more concerning than the previous two world wars. The arms on Earth reached to a capacity that can destroy our world 10 times by the hands of the modern West. The historians who will write the history of modernism will name this wild age, “The Age of Lunacy.”.”

The spirit breathed into man is representing the Ahsan-i Taqweem (the best of molds, Qur’an 95:4) dimension of man. This is the spirit from Him (Allah) and it is the spirit that we will return to Him.

The spirit is the timeless history, the noblest state and the eternal future of mankind.

This is the spirit that longs for the One (Allah) who breathed, and considers the world as temporary and the hereafter as his homeland.

This is the spirit that carries Iman (the faith) from Al-Mu’min (The Guarantor, The Affirming), the insight from Al-Basir (The All Seeing), the will from Al-Murid (The One who fulfills His wish), the omniscience from Al-Alim (The All Knowing), the knowledge from Al-Khabir (The All Aware), the affection from Al-Wadud (The Loving), and the ever-living spirit from Al-Hayy (The Living).

The spirit mixed with the baked mud from Earth is representing the Asfal Al-Safilin dimension of man. This dimension of man always commands mischief; darkens the face of those who attempt to clean their acts; breathes whispers to man to falter him. This is the negative nafs (ego) of man. This ego always turns its back to the Ahsen-i Taqweem dimension of man. This ego says “La” (no) but does not say “illa” (but Allah). This ego prefers the scream of going astray against the calm of submission. This ego is the wild opponent of the rule of Iman (faith) and is the partner in all powers adverse to the Iman.

Satan is the eternal competitor of man. He is the bankrupt dealer who sits in the middle of the way of Hidayah (guidance) of Allah and persuades the people who are attempting to follow the path to Allah to sit like him or leave their path for something else. He is the farmer of the suspicion who implants apprehension in the minds untrained by faith. He is the foregoer who hangs hooks in the form of question marks to the hearts adverse to the Iman. He is the snoopy illusionist whose job is to persuade the people in misery who view the shadows as the reality to be their comrades in hell.

Satan is the miserable one who fills man’s heart with his (Satan’s) own ideas. Satan is the most modern and most rational individual of all times who is covering man’s heart with his ideas. He is the first chauvinist and the materialist who sacrificed the spiritual to the material, the metaphysics to the physics, the sacred to the profane, the core to the form, and the kernel to the shell by comparing the dust with the fire.

Satan is the first deceitful with a pretext of “I will not prostrate none but Allah, Almighty.” He is the first addressee of a sentence of “”for … despite …”” in which the “for” and “despite” words are used together. He is the master of the hypocrisies implanting the paradox above in other areas of daily life in the form of “for Democracy despite the Democracy,” “for Public despite the Public,” and “for Freedom despite the Freedom.”

Satan is the father of the endless whispers and the groundless apprehensions, the archetype of all envious, and the cursed who is named Iblis as he is paranoid from groundless apprehensions. He is powered from the powerlessness of man and his groundless apprehensions. This is the powerlessness of humans who do not receive his power from the Iman and do not submit to Allah, the Almighty, without any preconditions and unable to avoid all his hesitations and suspicions.

Human is perhaps a victim of Satan.

I wish there was not any “Nisyan” (to forget).

In fact, what was the meaning of “human?”

The word “human” has two root meanings according to Arabic philologists. The first meaning comes from “Nisyan” originating from the verb “to forget.” The second one comes from “Unsiyyah” with a meaning of “to establish relationships, to get close, to react, and to love and to be loved.” For this reason, the sentence of “It is inevitable for human not to forget” became an idiom.

The linguistic roots of human, Unsiyyah and Nisyan, are evidence to the fact that humans have a bipolar existence consisting of positive and negative poles. The negative pole of humans is evident in their behavior against the lost heavens and a deceptive Satan. The positive pole of humans is revealed in their unique capacity to establish exceptional relationship with their creator, Allah, the Almighty, other fellow human beings, and the nature.

The man who can establish relationships and have “Unsiyyah” has positive core originating from his creation. This is his nature. This core is neither positive nor negative. Perhaps, it is neutral. It is just like a white, blank page. For this reason, the word “hilkah” meaning the creation belongs to the same root “ha-la-ka” as morality, which is the common name given to all humanistic virtues. This basically means “One that is moral is compatible with the creation and the one that is compatible with the creation is moral.”

Man did not behave per moral values conforming to his creation in his long history. Most of the time, he went astray and he led others to go astray. The broken relationship between man and his creator, Allah, resulted in the broken relationships with his fellow human beings and the nature. When man abandons his character, he becomes a nuisance for himself, his kind and the nature.

The history of human kind is full of golden ages and dark ages just like a river rushing in positive and negative river banks. Human kind shuttles back and forth between these river banks. Just like a poet says: holy light flows in one bank and dirt in the other. When human loses his compass and track, he is warned by the divine message communicated by a messenger.

The common name of this divine message that is as old as the age of human and not changing by place and time is called Islam.

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