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U.S. History
Glory lesson plan
In order to gain a better understanding of the African-American experience during the Civil War, particularly in the Union army, we are going to watch the movie Glory. During the film, I’m asking you to do a couple of things:

  1. Answer the analytical questions on the question sheet

    • You do not have to write in complete sentences for this

    • Read the questions before the movie begins so you know what you’re looking for

  2. Fill in the character analysis sheet, looking for specific facts about the characters and their experiences in the union army. You will use this sheet to help write your essay about the African-American experience in the Union army.

Once the movie concludes:

  • Students will write down brief answers to the Glory discussion questions, and afterwards there will be a class discussion based on those questions, along with the reading from McPherson about the movie. All students will have something written down, so a “cold call” of any student will be a good way to reach the quieter students in class.

  • The research paper: Because students have taken notes on the African-American experience in the Union army according to Glory, the next step is the written analysis of the movie. Students are going to compare and contrast research about the 54th Regiment, answering the ultimate question: Is the movie Glory an accurate portrayal of the African-American experience in the Union army?

Glory” character analysis

Instructions: On this sheet I want you to take notes on five characters, using both basic facts about the character and the characters’ experiences in the movie.

  • Facts can include basic physical descriptions of the characters to, more importantly, background information about their life.

  • Experiences could range from an interaction with a fellow soldier or a superior officer, to a your character’s role in a battle, to how the character felt at a certain moment. No detail is too insignificant!




Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

(Matthew Broderick)

Private Trip
(Denzel Washington)

Sargent Major John Rawlins
(Morgan Freeman)

Corporal Thomas Searles
(Andre Braugher)

Major Cabot Forbes
(Cary Elwes)

U.S. History
Glory- Movie Questions

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