To Kill a Mockingbird Character Analysis Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird Character Analysis Essay
A literary analysis essay is an essay in which you analyze, or pick apart and explain, the details of a piece of literature. In a character analysis, you analyze an important character specifically. You don’t just write about basic, obvious information. You go deeper to reveal things that may be hidden or hard to see at first about the character.

You should look at all aspects of the character and make arguable points about the character you choose. For instance, saying that the character is young is too obvious. You could say that a character is selfish because this requires you to prove it.

Choices for character:

  • Jem

  • Atticus

  • Miss Maudie

  • Mrs. Dubose

  • Dolphus Raymond

  • Bob Ewell

  • Mayella Ewell

  • Calpurnia


  • Five-paragraph essay, 500-600 words: introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion

  • Thesis is an arguable statement that is unique and creative, not obvious

  • Cite evidence from the book to prove your points

  • Use present-tense verbs when describing the action of the book

  • Complete a rough draft with peer review, a 2nd rough draft with a teacher writing conference, and a final rough draft



    1. Thesis is in the right place (last sentence of intro)

    2. Thesis has three previews

    3. Thesis is concise, clearly worded, and 1 sentence long

    4. Thesis clearly addresses the essay prompt

    5. Essay contains quality ideas deeper than surface level

    6. All thoughts are relevant



  1. Topic sentences reference thesis

  2. Explanation leaves no question unanswered; is thorough

  3. Evidence is present and specific

  4. Evidence is explained and connected to the explanation

  5. Evidence is significant and truly proves the point



  1. Intro has good hook

  2. Creative title

  3. Intro has good format and clearly leads to the essay topic & thesis

  4. Conclusion re-states the thesis & ends meaningfully

  5. There are meaningful transitions between paragraphs

  6. Paragraph divisions make sense



  1. Variety of sentence lengths and sentence starts

  2. Uses at least 5 quality vocab words (marked)

  3. No contractions or you/your/yours/etc.



  1. No spelling mistakes

  2. No formatting errors

  3. No other silly mistakes


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