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Unit 1 Study Guide:

Origins of a Western Worldview

Chapter 1 - 3
Worldview – is a collection of values (a moral standard of behavior) and beliefs (something accepted as true) about life that is common to a group. In other words, the basis for the way you act, way your react and way you feel about the world.
Society - a group of people linked by common activities or interests and sharing a location; a group of humans defined by mutual interests, shared institutions and a common culture
Western world – societies that are based on the worldview that developed in Western Europe
Example: A worldview of people in the western world:

  • All people are treated equals

  • Individual rights and freedoms are valued

  • We must make the most of our lives on earth

  • Basic education should be available to all

  • Everyone has the right to access primary needs such as food, shelter, clothing and water

  • If opportunity arises to improve our quality of life we take it

  • Democracy

  • Money / wealth is important to maintain a good quality of life

As Canadians we have common values and beliefs in our approaches, ie. Medical care, education, religion, arts, etc. that is different from worldviews from other countries.

Due to Canada’s size, our worldview may change slightly if you live on the East Coast, West Coast, Ontario or Prairie Provinces. It may be slightly different again if you are aboriginal (oral traditions, ties to the land) vs. francophone (religion, language and education rights) vs. Anglophone.
Canada is multicultural and immigrants bring their worldview with them to Canada, as they become part of Canadian society, they begin to understand and adopt our values and beliefs.


Social systems – organization and relationships among people, such as the types of education, medical and social services a society provides

Political and economic systems

  • political system relates to the way government is organized, the role of citizens in gov’t, and rights given to citizens

  • economic systems relate to methods by which people produce and distribute goods and services they need

Culture – way of life of a group of people, including language, rules of behaviour, religion, spirituality, arts, literature, sciences, traditions, and other everyday aspect of life

1. What are the elements of society affected by worldview:

  1. _______________________________________________

  2. _______________________________________________

  3. _______________________________________________

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