Intro: Explain what the type of this text is

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Explain what the type of this text is

-an advertisement of a life insurance from Albany Life Assurance

-Date: June 23 1083

-Place: England, London

Talk about simple analysis (Soapstone)

Importance of life insurance


This text type is an advertisement well conveyed to the audience the pathos and ethos through involving audience, tone, and stylistic features,


This text clearly has an target audience, and a backup audience

And the audience is for everyone, not only rich or poor people, it’s to general public. Reasoning is it says “For as little as …. Over tax free”

The audience for this advertisement for husbands in a family

The questions in the small boxes are questions that ask husband if they can do the household chores. Which involves the husbands to think about the situation that he have to experience after his wife’s death.



However the author used quite q few rhetorical devices as well

For example synexdoche, and also it gives an feeling that we have to hurry. By making the audience to feel hurry, audience would be thinking of purchasing more

There are multiple repetitions of sentence structures

It’s persuasive and also if husband cnt relate to this, women also can relate to this

Body3: Stylistic Feature

Huge font and and the different color, grabs attention, knife is right under the word wife’s death

Captions under multiple images, images are for basic wife’s house chores

The structure makes it look like the article is short to read, so it’s worth a time to read


Restate thesis and summarize


This text’s text type is an insurance advertisement from Albany Life Insurance. This company is located in England, London. Albany Life Insurance had published this advertisement on 1983, June 23rd. The target audience of these advertisements are husbands in the family, whose can’t guarantee or live without his husband. The subject of this advertisement is life insurance, and the purpose is to persuade audience to purchase this life insurance. This advertisement well conveyed to the audience the pathos and ethos through involving audience, tone, and stylistic features,

This advertisement, as mentioned above targeted husbands that aren’t confident on doing well without their wives. The reason for this is, the text literally said “husbands” which exposes their target audience right away. Also the captions and images portray the house chores such as cooking, washing, and etc. By showing this and adding captions under the images that involves the audience, husbands that read this will feel burdened to do all those things without his wife. Moreover, the price that the advertisement offered was fairly low. “15 pounds a month” then if wife pass away, the insurance company will be able to pay 50000 pounds for the husband. So the appropriate choice of target audience, and evoking questions and low price built up to persuasion.
The tone of the advertisement effectively persuades the audience to persuade life insurance. As mentioned a little bit, a rhetorical device synecdoche is used. Where the author used 3 repetitive words in the start. To make the audience to feel urgency of the situation and make them then feel urgent to purchase the product. And the repetition of certain ways of written sentence and words makes the audience to remember the advertisement for a long time. Which gets the audience to think about the advertisement for quite a while and put the advertisement as a consideration. And the direct questions such as “Teaching them what’s what in the big wide world? Helping them out with their maths homework?” Gets the target audience, the husband to actually consider the fact of lose of their wives seriously, and succeeds on making them think seriously about the life without their wives. Therefore the tone effectively gives an impact on the reader’s state of mind to get persuaded.
The stylistic features of this advertisement are very eye catching. For instance, the huge font and the placement of images effectively get the audience to read the advertisement.

The stylistic features of the life insurance advertisement also add to its appeal. The very “Are you making plants for your wife’s death?” Is the title of this advertisement written is huge font. And the placement of knife right under the words wife’s death strongly hits the audience’s attention. And the fonts gradually change throughout the advertisement. It gets smaller and starts to be a convincing advertisement. Not only because of the small font but also because of the statistical facts given. Also it has the Albany Life logo on the bottom of the paper-giving ethos. And of course the real statistical facts given builds up to the ethos. The images that are on the advertisement are pictures that portray the house chores. And this keeps the husbands to think, “Will I actually be able to these without my wife?” Therefore, this results to evoking ethos and pathos to the reader and enhances the purpose of the advertisement, which is to persuade the audience to purchase for the advertisement.

At the light of these facts, the life insurance advertisement effectively succeeded its purpose through the appropriate usage of involving the audience, tone and stylistic features. By the usage of this, readers, especially the husbands were able to connect themselves with the advertisement, and because of the low price per month, it helped the audience to get persuaded. And the fluid stylistic features made the audience easy to follow and understand the need of life assurance.
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