Course Name: College Preparatory English ii/English IV course Number: 0099

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River Parishes Community College


St. James Parish School District

College Preparatory English II (English 0099)/English IV

Course Name: College Preparatory English II/English IV

Course Number: 0099

Credit Hrs. 3

Instructor: Carly Zeller


Planning Period: 1st Block (7:30-(9:00 a.m.). Parents who wish to set up a conference are asked to schedule at least a day or two ahead of time and must contact the front office in order to schedule (258-4500).
Course Description: This course is an introductory course in composition designed to help students gain greater proficiency in basic writing and grammar skills. The course assesses the level at which students are writing to discover individual areas of deficiency in writing skills and provides the necessary instruction to help them overcome these deficiencies; thus, the focus tends to be on grammar and mechanical problems. As a result of carefully planned learning experiences, students should be able to write clear, adequately developed, logically-organized, effective paragraphs and short essays which conform to the conventions of standard American English. Its sole focus is to prepare students for the rigors of essay writing in English 1010, English Composition I. This is a college preparatory course and does not apply toward the associate’s degree.
Prerequisites: Prerequisites: At least a C earned in ENGL 0098
ACT, Compass, and Accuplacer Cut-Off:

ACT English: 17 minimum or

Compass English: 39-67 or

ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills 60-85

Suggested Enrollment Cap: 25

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    • Demonstrate the writing process showing planning, organizing, composing, revising and editing.

    • Generate and organize ideas into paragraphs that have clear or implied topic sentences and demonstrate proficiency in paragraph unity, coherence, and development.

    • Compose paragraphs and short essays in standard formal written English that demonstrates proficiency in grammar, mechanics, usage, and spelling.

Assessment Measures: The student will be assessed and graded using some or all of the following assessment tools based upon each individual professor’s or instructor’s grading methods, scales, and rubrics, except where the assessment is performed by all sections of Engl 0099:

  • Chapter Tests and literature

  • Writing exercises (paragraphs and essays)

  • Mid-term and final exams

  • Minor in-class and out-of-class assignments

    Explicitly Addressed

    Implicitly Addressed



    Fine Arts





    Math /Analytical



    Natural Science



    Social/Behavioral Sciences


    Information Literacy


  • Quizzes

SmartNotice is our campus emergency notification system that strives to aid in the safety of the campus community. SmartNotice alerts you in the event of an emergency on or around-campus, and it is used to notify you of any campus closures. The range of communication mechanisms includes voice, email, and text messaging. Students, faculty, and staff are not automatically registered into the SmartNotice system. PLEASE REGISTER YOURSELF:
St. James Parish School Board Online Communications Policy: All communications between employees and students must be appropriate and in accordance with state law. All electronic or any other communications by employees to students or students to employees at any time shall be expected to be professional, acceptable in content to any reasonable person, and limited to information that is school-related or is acceptable to both student and parent. All electronic communication, including electronic mail, by an employee at a school to a student enrolled at that school relative to the educational services provided to the student shall use a means provided by or otherwise made available by the school system for this purpose; the School Board shall prohibit the use of all such system means to electronically communicate with a student for a purpose not related to such educational services. Students and parents should check all district, school, and class websites following an extreme emergency for announcements and information.
Disability Statement: At River Parishes Community College, the Office of Counseling Services (OCS) coordinates accommodations for eligible students with disabilities.  These accommodations are provided to ensure that all students have access to the College’s services and programs.  For more information, please view
Grading: This course uses a ten point grading scale. Make-up work for days when the student missed an in-class grading assignment will not be accepted unless a plausible, documented excuse is provided, and work is completed within three days of the student’s return. If the work can be submitted via email and/or Moodle, then it is still due on the original due date. Further, if a student was present on the day an assignment was given, the assignment must still be turned in on the original date. Excused or unexcused absences will be treated the same. Students who are absent due to a doctor’s appointment, field trip, musical performance, or athletic event are required to get their homework the day before they miss class and must still turn in on graded assignments on due dates. Students who are absent due to illness are expected to meet with teachers before school on the day they return. At the risk of repeating myself, I reiterate that due dates for long-term assignments and group assignments will not change because a student is absent. Students in In-School Suspension are present and are required to turn in their assignments on time. Failure to do so will result in a letter grade deduction for every day it is late.
Grading in English IV/0099, 1010, or any Dual Enrollment classes is cumulative; thus, the final grade, when all grades of the semester are accumulated, is the student’s grade for the course. However, you may keep track of your current grade by checking “S1” on Powerschool (Q1 or 2 will only show your grade for the quarter and therefore does not accurately reflect the only grade of consequence, the total, or S1, grade). Students and parents should check Powerschool weekly to assess course performance.
In order to receive credit for Dual Enrollment courses, a student must end with a C average. Students who withdraw or end with a D or an F may be adversely affected when it is time to register for college after graduation. Therefore, it is pertinent that students and parents read, understand, and sign the attached Dual Enrollment Student Expectations Agreement. I will remind students of the date by which they may withdraw from the D.E. portion of the class with or without a W on their transcripts, but they will have to change schedules to be put in a non-dual English IV course. In addition, all students in D.E. must fill out the application form attached. All forms are due by August 12, 2006. Any questions should be directed to me at
Policy for late work:

If a student does not submit the work assigned and due during periods of absence on his/her first day

back at school, the assignment will be accepted with a late work penalty of a letter grade

deduction for every day it is late. Missing assignments will be marked on PowerSchool as 0%

Missing until the assignment is completed. Students may not revise late work for a higher grade, no exceptions. *All work is to be turned in on Moodle, unless otherwise specified (the diagnostic essay will be handwritten as will written exams).
Attendance Policy: For English 0099, students may miss no more than 30% of the class meetings; this is a mandatory attendance policy. If a student is tardy or absent, the parent or guardian must submit a written excuse, signed and dated, to school authorities upon the student's return to classes, stating the reason for the student's absence from school. A doctor's, dentist’s, or nurse practitioner’s written statement of student's incapacity to attend school shall be required for those absences for three (3) or more consecutive days due to illness, contagious illness in a family, hospitalization, or accidents. All excuses for a student's absence, including medical verification of extended personal illness, must be presented within five (5) school days of the student's return to school, or the student's absence shall be considered unexcused.
General Policies:

***Cell phones are not to be SEEN or HEARD, per St. James Parish School Board policy.***

Students must come prepared daily with laptops that are fully charged. Students are expected to follow the behavior guidelines set forth in both the district and school manual. There are two simple signs of classroom courtesy that are expected: ask before standing and be recognized before speaking. Under no circumstances will bullying be tolerated either inside or outside of the classroom.

Cheating and Plagiarism: If a student cheats on or plagiarizes an assignment, he or she will receive no credit for the assignment and an administrative conference will be held.
Safety Concerns: No items that may be harmful to one’s self or others should not be brought to class: please refer to the district handbook for more detailed information.
Library/Learning Resources: Since the development of the total person is part of our mission, assignments in the library and/or the Learning Resources Center should be included to assist students in enhancing skills and in using resources. Students should be encouraged to use the library for reading enjoyment as part of lifelong learning.
Course Assignments:
Paragraphs/Essays: 50%

Final Exam: 30%

Chapter Grammar Tests/Journals/In Class Assignments: 10%

Homework: 10%
The following essay assignments will be completed throughout the course of the semester and will progressively become more complex and challenging:

-Composition/Essay #1: Diagnostic Essay (Opinion Essay)

-Composition Paragraph #2: Writing Profiles (“Heroes Among Us”: descriptive paragraph to accompany reading of Beowulf)

-Composition Paragraph #3: Writing Profiles (“Villains Among Us”: descriptive paragraph in the style of “The Canterbury Tales”)

-Composition/Essay #4: Descriptive Essay

-Composition/Essay #5: Argumentative Paragraph

-Composition/Essay #6 Argumentative Essay
***Detailed instructions regarding each assignment will be distributed at least one week prior to the scheduled peer review session for that particular assignment. Beyond your handwritten rough draft for the diagnostic essay, all drafts will be uploaded to Moodle under assignments. Essays must be uploaded by 7:20 a.m. on the due date. Essays not submitted on time for first and second drafts will earn a 0 for homework credit; essays not turned in on time will lose ten points (a letter grade) per day late, according to St. James Parish policy. We will work on essays for weeks at a time beyond the diagnostic so there is NO EXCUSE to turn in late work.

For a few assignments, students will have the opportunity to revise for a higher grade; however, students will only be given the privilege if he or she has submitted all work in on time (every draft).

Required Texts:

Arlov, Pamela and Nick Arlov. Wordsmith: A Guide to Paragraphs and Short Essays. 4rd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2010. (copies provided)

Cooley, Thomas, ed. The Norton Sampler: Short Essays for Composition, 8th edition. New York, London: W. W. Norton & Company, 2013. (provided)

Gautreaux, Tim. The Next Step in the Dance. New York: Picador, 1998.

Shea, Renée Hausmann., Lawrence Scanlon, and Robin Dissin. Aufses. The Language of Composition: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric. Boston, MA: Bedford / St. Martins, 2012. Print.

Shea, Renée Hausmann., Lawrence Scanlon, and Robin Dissin. Aufses. The Language of Composition: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric. Boston, MA: Bedford / St. Martins, 2012. Print. (provided)

Recommended Text: A good collegiate dictionary (these are typically available at Dollar General).
Topics Covered in the Course:

  1. Grammar (August)

A. Capital Letters

B. Words Commonly Confused

C. Subjects/Verbs

D. Subject-Verb Agreement

E. Verb Shifts


F. Coordination and Subordination

G. Pronoun Case

H. Pronoun Agreement, Reference, and Point of View

I. Adjectives, Adverbs, and Articles

J. Parallel Structure


K. Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

L. Word Choice

O. Other Punctuation (Period, Semicolon, etc.)

P. Apostrophes

Q. Quotation Marks

II. Composition (November-December)

A. The Writing Process

B. Preparing to Write

C. Topic Sentences

D. Support

E. Unity and Coherence

F. Revising, Proofreading, and Formatting

G. Essay Writing

***We will work on timed writing throughout December as well.

AUGUST (Beowulf):

1. Diagnostic Essay

2. Introductory Material

A. Plagiarism


C. Invention Strategies

1. Mapping

2. Writing

D. Basic Writing Strategies

1. Orienting/Thesis Statements

2. Paragraphing/Topic Sentences

3. Cohesive Devices

4. Transitions

E. Library Orientation

SEPTEMBER (Canterbury Tales):

3. Descriptive Paragraphs #1 and 2

A. Brainstorm/Outline

B. Rough Draft Evaluation

C. Peer Review Evaluation

D. Teacher/Student Conferences
OCTOBER (Midsummer Night’s Dream/sonnets)

III. Descriptive Essay

A. Brainstorm/Outline

B. Rough Draft Evaluation

C. Peer Review Evaluation

D. Possible Teacher/Student Conference

NOVEMBER (Swift and Satire):

IV. Argumentative Paragraph

A. Brainstorm/Outline

B. Rough Draft Evaluation

C. Peer Review Evaluation

D. Possible Teacher/Student Conference

DECEMBER (Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

V. Argumentative Essay

A. Brainstorm/Outline

B. Rough Draft Evaluation

C. Peer Review Evaluation

D. Teacher/Student Conference

Daily Procedures:

1) Come in to class and you will either write a journal (the topic will be written on the board, and YES, I want you to stick to the topic. You may certainly veer from it, but come back to it by the end of the journal. Journals should be at least three-fourths to one page long). –or—

You will have an ACT prep or grammar worksheet to be edited/corrected. These may be collected for a class grade from time to time. No, I will not tell you whether or not I will pick it up when you walk into class, so do not ask: just get busy!

2) Grammar exercise: We will complete a brief ten-fifteen minute grammatical lesson each day after we share journals or review bell-ringers. Your participation is expected and encouraged.

3) Reading: We will read literature, but we will also read non-fiction, narrative and informative pieces to make connections to that literature and what we will be writing about.

4) Moodle Responses: After every reading, you will be asked to answer higher order questions on Moodle; sometimes, you will write paragraphs in response to questions individually. Other times, you will work in groups.


5) When taking a quiz or test, all cell phones will be picked up and stored in a safe place. When all students are done their work, phones will be returned.

Behavior Expectations:

You are a senior nearing graduation. I expect that you will care enough about this to try your hardest in every endeavor. You are well aware that cell phones are not to be seen or heard, that cursing in front of your teachers and peers is NOT acceptable, to remain seated unless you receive permission to do otherwise, to listen quietly when I speak, to participate in class activities, to limit your bathroom requests to once every two-three weeks. I believe in you!!!!! I know you will be successful.

Consequences for Choosing Not to Follow Procedures:

    1. Warning is given for procedure violation.

    2. Second warning and reflection log is assigned.

    3. Student receives lunch detention and parent is contacted.

    4. Student receives lunch detention and parent conference is scheduled.

    5. Student is referred to the Administration.

Changes to Syllabus: Schedules, policies, and procedures in this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances. All parents and students will be notified of changes.

Exit Criteria:

In order to pass out of English 0099, the student must:

    1. Earn a C or better on assignments which may include:

      • Paragraphs and/or Short Essays;

      • Homework Reading Assignments;

      • In-class Reading Assignments;

      • Homework Assignments from the textbook AND

    2. Complete an “Exit Exam,” which will be computed as 30% of the student’s final grade.

  • The in-class exit departmental exam will include at least two essay questions. Students will choose one question and will have a two-hour period in which to write a complete in-class essay. The exam will then be read by two full-time English faculty members other than the course instructor and will receive a grade of “pass” or “fail.”

  • If the student does not accumulate the minimum number of points from his two readers and fails the exam, a grade of 50% (F) will be entered as the 30% of the student’s final grade.

  • In order for a student to receive a passing grade on the exam, the student’s essay must accumulate the minimum number of points for passage. If the student passes the exam, a grade of 100% (A) will be entered as the 30% of the student’s final grade.

  • Should the student’s instructor feel that the student’s grade of “fail” was unjust because the exam does not reflect a student’s typical work, that instructor may appeal the grade and schedule for the student to challenge/retake the Exit Exam before the start of the following semester. Once the next semester begins, the student relinquishes his/her right to appeal/retake the exam.

  • A student should not pass the course with a preponderance of major grammatical errors in his/her paragraphs/essays.

Supplies: (Needed daily)

Pen/pencils/liquid paper or white out

Loose-leaf in a binder with a section designated for this course

*All appropriate papers that I give you must be kept there as well; I will NOT be making additional copies as it is your responsibility to keep track of YOUR work.

*YOUR LAPTOP must be brought to class and fully charged for each day’s work. There is no excuse not to have this important resource with you. A zip drive must be used to store your important assignments.

*A speckled notebook for daily journals is required; NO journals are to be typed. Journals will be collected for a grade every few weeks or ten journals.

*Each student must submit a folder in which your essay assignments will be stored.

*Optional: any student who wishes to bring in hand sanitizer or Kleenex is encouraged to do so.
Please sign the syllabus agreement form on the following page AND DUAL ENROLLMENT DOCUMENTS as soon as possible.

Please fill in, sign, detach, and turn in the syllabus agreement form below by August 12th, 2016.

By signing this form, I, _____________________, parent/guardian of ________________________, understand and agree to abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the English IV/0091 syllabus.
Parent Contact Information:

Phone number (cell):_______________________ Work (or other #):_______________________

Email address:____________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:___________________________________________________________________

Student Class Schedule Fall Term 2016

1st Block:____________

2nd Block:____________

3rd Block:____________

4th Block:____________

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