Interim Report for the Quality Assessment of Research

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Interim Report for the

Quality Assessment of Research


Economics and Business Administration

Amsterdam, October 2005

vrije Universiteit amsterdam

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Table of Contents page
Introduction 3
Section A: Research profile of the faculty 4
1. Mission Statement 5

2. Leadership 5

3. Strategy and Policy 6

4. Researchers and other personnel 7

5. Resources, funding and facilities 10

6. Processes in research, internal and external collaboration 11

7. Academic reputation 11

8. Overview of the results 13

9. Analysis, perspectives and expectations for the faculty 15
Section B: Documentation per programme 17
Strategic and Cooperative Decision Making 18

Time Series Econometrics 27

Applied Labour Economics 38

Farms and Firms 61

Regional Economics and Networks 76

Environmental Economics 129

Finance and Banking 150

Operations Research and Information Technology 170

Accounting and Decision Making 177

Dynamic Organisations and Markets 193

Strategy and Organisation 208

Marketing Strategy 214

Human Resources 221

Information Systems for Organisational Networks 230

Transition and Development in International Perspective 249

Various Research Projects 258

Appendix I: Fellows of Tinbergen Institute 266

Appendix II: Journals and publishers list of the faculty 268


This report contains the documentation of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, as required for the 2005 Assessment of the research quality of the disciplines of ‘Economics and Econometrics’ and ‘Management and Business Administration’. The chosen format agrees with the demands of the 2003-2009 Standard Evaluation Protocol for Public Research Organisations as published by the VSNU.

The documentation presents an overview of the research activities of the faculty in the period 2001-2004.
The Faculty of Economics of the Vrije Universiteit was established in 1948. In 1987 the Faculty merged with the Faculty of Actuarial Science and Econometrics to form the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Econometrics. Currently the Faculty is referred to as FEWEB (which stands for the Dutch equivalent of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration).  


FEWEB is a medium-sized faculty, with approximately 3000 students, 1200 postgraduate students and about 400 academic and non-academic members of staff.

Download 3.98 Mb.

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