Inter-Sorority Council Computer Chair/Assistant Computer Chair Application

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Inter-Sorority Council

Computer Chair/Assistant Computer Chair Application
Candidates should possess excellent organizational skills, proficiency in computer software (preferred experience with ICS), and a commitment to maintaining and protecting confidential information.  The Computer Chair and Assistant Computer Chair serve as integral members of the Recruitment Executive Board team and are expected to comply with regulations for the Recruitment Executive Board, including disaffiliation. 
Computer Chair: 

The Computer Chair is responsible for the oversight and management of the recruitment computer management system including recruitment registration, organizing PNM schedules, coordinating with chapter computer chairs, managing chapter and PNM preferencing for each round, organizing recruitment party lists, and communicating updates to various constituents. The Computer Chair will also train the Assistant Recruitment Chair, with the help of the Recruitment Executive Board.

Assistant Computer Chair:

The Assistant Computer Chair will help the Computer Chair with recruitment registration, organize PNM schedules, set up preferencing after each round, as well as any other miscellaneous tasks to best support the Computer Chair and Recruitment Executive Board team. This position is only available to women who are 3rd years, as it requires a 2 year commitment.

Inter-Sorority Council

Computer Chair/Assistant Computer Chair Application
Please submit this application in a hard copy form to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (171 Newcomb Hall) by Monday, September 16th no later than 5 PM in order to be considered for a position as a Computer Chair or Assistant Computer Chair for Formal Recruitment 2014. Please type your responses. You may contact Vice President of Recruitment Anna Powell at with any questions.
This application consists of four sections:

  • Applicant Information

  • Involvement and Leadership Experience

  • Essay Questions

  • Computer Chair/Assistant Computer Chair Contract

Applicant Information

Full Name: Year (circle one): 3rd 4th
UVA Computing ID: Cumulative GPA:
Chapter Affiliation:
How did you join your chapter? (Formal, Informal, Other)

Have you participated in Formal Recruitment as a member of your chapter? (circle one)
Participation in Formal Recruitment as a member of your chapter is a prerequisite for serving as a Computer Chair.
Yes No
Involvement and Leadership Experience
Please fill out the following information. If you are unable to supply information for a section, please leave it blank. Feel free to continue onto another page, but limit your response for this section to no more than two pages total.
Leadership Position Duties Dates Time Commitment/Week

Organization Office Held/Duties Dates Time Commitment/Week

Name of Company Position Held/Duties Dates Time Commitment/Week

Name of Organization Nature of Involvement Dates Time Commitment/Week
Essay Questions
Please answer the following essay questions and limit each of your responses to 250 words.

  1. Please share why you are interested in this position and what qualities you possess that make you an ideal candidate for this position.

  1. Name three values that you can contribute to the Recruitment Executive Board team.

  1. Please share your experience working with computer management software (lack of experience will not negatively affect your application).

Computer Chair/Assistant Computer Chair Contract
Please read each of these stipulations carefully and sign at the bottom.
If I am chosen as the Computer Chair or the Assistant Computer Chair for Formal Recruitment 2014:

  1. I will act as an unbiased member of the Inter-Sorority Council Community.

  2. I will be timely and reliable.

  3. I will be knowledgeable about all chapters.

  4. I will not attend any recruitment workshops, training sessions, or any events having to do with my chapter's recruitment.

  5. I will not speak negatively about other chapters.

  6. I will adhere to the Hotel Policy.

  7. I will maintain and protect confidential information relevant to the Formal Recruitment process.

  8. I will be approachable and available to chapter Computer Chairs, Recruitment Chairs, Panhellenic Counselors, Logistics Coordinators, and the Recruitment Executive Board.

  9. I will meet with the Recruitment Executive Board whenever computer training occurs.

  10. I will abide by all of the rules of disaffiliation starting on October 1st and ending on Bid Day of Formal Recruitment.

  11. I will be back on Grounds on or before Wednesday, January 8th in order to prepare for Formal Recruitment and assist the Recruitment Executive Board with any needs.

Full Name: _________________________________ Date: _______________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Thank you for applying!
Candidates will be notified by Monday, September 23rd as to the status of their application.

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