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IAE – Writing a PSE Essay – Added Sugar: Outline Example

PSE Essay Outline Grid: Added Sugar

Explain why added sugar has become a problem. Describe two possible solutions and evaluate them.


Paragraph 1

General Statement

Topic’s Background

Key Term(s)


Topic’s Importance

Aim of the Essay


Use of added sugar =  health problems
Sugar consumption by 31% since 1990s (Kid, 2013)

More sugar = heart disease & diabetes

Added sugar = sugar & syrup + to foods/bev when they are processed (Kid, 2013)

Added sugar =  health risks

To analyse prob of sugar

To describe 2 sol – more balanced diet & laws

Main Body

Paragraph 2

Main Idea

of added sugar = many problems
more people are getting type 2 diabetes
more sugar = more people who are overweight

Supporting details &

examples from


Paragraph 3

Main Idea

1st sol = eat a more balanced diet

  • more fruits & veg

  • drink water with juice instead of soda

Hard to have a low sugar diet

  • i.e. health drinks = sugar such as slimfast

  • many people are addicted to sugar

  • it is diff to give it up

  • some people say that it is harder to give up than smoking (Saeed, 2009)

  • sugar is a part of our diet and a reward

Supporting details &

examples from


Paragraph 4

Main Idea

Supporting details &

examples from



Paragraph 5

Restate the



Main Points

Choose 2 of the Following:

Academic Comment

Call for Further


Predict Future Developments


Boseley, S. (2013, April 21). Sugar industry threatens WHO. The Guardian. Retrieved from https://


Hall, K. (2011). Changing what you eat. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Helmore, E. (2014, May 10). Sugar is the real enemy. The Guardian. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com

Kid, P. (2013). Food security: A major issue. Food Science Journal, 20 (2), 247-248.

Saeed, M. (2009). How to live well and longer. New York, NY: Pergamum Press.

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