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Business Administration

Essay Questions

The following essay questions will provide the Admissions Committee with more information about you and your reasons for applying to the Young Leaders’ Program. These questions give you the opportunity to present yourself more fully to the committee and provide us with better insight about your candidacy.

Your essays must be typed. Please use A4-size paper or 81/2"×11"paper. Limit your responses to the maximum number of words designated for each question. Use standard double-spaced lines. Your name should appear at the top of each separate sheet of paper. The number of the essay question should precede every essay. Staple the essays together and return them to the Admissions Committee with other application materials.

  1. You are who you are through your life experiences. Tell us about yourself, your upbringing, individuals who have had the greatest impact in your life, events that have influenced who you are. What has become most important to you personally? We want to know you as a person. Looking ahead, what are your future professional goals, your business dreams? What excites you? How has this led to your application to the International Business Strategy Program? We want to know about the career path you have in mind. (maximum 1,000 words)

  1. Successful leaders are able to learn from failure. Describe your biggest non-academic setback, disappointment, or regret to date. What did you learn from that experience? (maximum 300 words)

  1. The mission of the Young Leaders’ Program in Business Administration is to develop leaders capable of initiating, implementing, and managing innovation. Describe a specific situation in which you led innovation or change in an organization. Explain the impact this experience had on the organization as well as on your own values/beliefs. (maximum 300 words)

  1. (OPTIONAL) Is there any other information that you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee in considering your candidacy? (maximum 300 words)


5. How did you become interested in the Young Leaders’ Program in Business Administration at Hitotsubashi University? Please identify specific information sources including publications, the internet, students, faculty, friends, etc. (This question is for informational purposes only, and your response will have no bearing on your candidacy.)
Directory: culture -> scholarship -> YLP -> 2017 -> forms -> business%20admin
culture -> Moving to a new country can be an exciting, even exhilarating experience
culture -> This cd has been produced for teachers to use in the classroom. It is a condition of the use of this cd that it be used only by the people from schools that have purchased the cd rom from dialogue education
business%20admin -> Japanese government (mext) scholarship for 2017
culture -> A process for Changing Organizational Culture
culture -> Building Creative Capacities for the 21st Century
culture -> Note: See also the files: Russia-msg, East-Eur-msg, Hungary-msg, yurts-msg, livestock-msg, kumiss-msg, dairy-prod-msg
culture -> N° 86 September – December 2004 issn 1564-2178 iti events 2004 – 2005
culture -> Conference Programme Day 1 (12 June) 10: 30 registration 11: 00 Keynote paper Venue: space 4/5; chair: Guy Austin

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