I am the Future: Why I choose to Make it Drug Free! By Stephanie Elmore

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I Am the Future: Why I Choose to Make it Drug Free!

By Stephanie Elmore

Growing up in a household of hard-working parents and four sisters, dreaming was something that was always allowed in my home. My parents always sought that we dreamed—and dreamed big. It’s hard to hold on to one’s dreams when you have so many things that point to them never coming true. I broke away from this prison; when I say prison, I am referring to everything which held me back from my dreams.
I never really knew what it was that I truly wanted, but I always knew that I wanted to be something. Not just something, but someone—someone who would make a difference. That is why I have chosen to be drug free. My future is what I make of it, so I choose to be drug free to stay focused in life. I have always been a leader, and if I fall below the influence I will be following the crowd. Instead, I choose to rise above because I know that I have more fulfilling things in my life than becoming addicted to drugs. I choose to be addicted to my school work, my family, my friends, and my strong faith in God. I am strong, beautiful, and growing as a woman who continues to rise above the influence. Doing drugs would only stand in the way of my future.
My purpose for pursuing a drug free life is to break through and reach great heights. I wish to live out the dream that my parents have desired for many years for each of my sisters and me. They have given us all the support in the world, and I owe my success to them. I always tell myself that “I am far from where I was and not exactly close to where I need to be, but I am getting there and I am going to make it.” I say this because I owe it to everyone who has had faith in me and who continues to have faith in me. This is why I choose to live my life drug free!!

I Am the Future: Why I Choose to Make it Drug Free!

By Mark Fine
There are several reasons why I choose to make the future drug free. One reason is because people who use drugs not only hurt and ruin their own lives, but also affect the lives of those around them. Another reason is that drugs are illegal, so to use them is to break the law. Also, drugs can lead to serious injuries, sickness, and even death.
One of the biggest reasons that I choose to make my future drug free is because it ruins the person who uses drugs, as well as those around them. When someone uses drugs, they become more and more addicted to them until the drug eventually takes over their lives completely. Also, if someone is using drugs, they are more likely to hurt those around them because they can’t think straight. Lastly, when someone starts to get addicted to drugs, they start to commit different crimes (such as stealing, abusing, etc) so that they can pay for their drug use.
Another reason that I choose to make my future drug free is because drugs are illegal, and those who use them are breaking the law. I can’t think of one single drug that ISN’T illegal to use or even have possession of.
The biggest reason I choose to make my future drug free is because the only thing that drugs lead to is disease and sickness. Many drugs cause people to get different forms of cancer or even psychological problems. Those who choose to use drugs are putting their lives in serious danger, and that is why I choose not to take part.
In my opinion, drugs are unnecessary—in fact, there is no reason at all to use them. I do not see the point of putting not only your life but also the lives of those around you in danger. That is why I have chosen to make my future drug free.

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