How I would Change the World

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How I Would Change the World:

Expository Essay

Brainstorm Ideas for paragraph topics: Ideas might be homelessness, global warming, war, crime, poverty, world hunger, etc. Here are some ideas to help you plan the essay

Topic: No more drugs Details: addictive, hurts families, expensive

Cure Aids

Details: epidemic, people are dying, world is unsafe

Cure Cancer

Details: families are split apart, people die, it is a disease which affects all of us

Equality among people/race/religion

Details: examples of race, religion etc.

Stop pollution

Details: water purity, ozone layer, fish die, people have respiratory diseases

Animal Abuse

Details: animal testing, cruelty to animals, elephant poaching

Child Abuse

Details: neglect, physical abuse, verbal abuse

Family Values

Details: immorality, adultery, faithfulness


Details: school grades, make school fun, scores, learn to read and write


Details: gang warfare, drive by shooting, mafia, robberies

World Hunger

Details: India- starving people, Africa, homeless and starving in America

Government Dictators

Details: Hitler, Hussein, Mussolini

Par.1. Introduction: Do you feel the world is a safe and secure place to live? There are three things I would change in order to make the world a more secure, safe place to exist. The three things I would change are: ________________,______, ____________.

Par.2. First,

Feeling statement

Three examples

Par.3. Second,

Feeling statement

Three examples

Par.4. Third,

Feeling statement

Three examples

Conclusion: In conclusion, the world would be a safer, better, place for my children and grand children to live if we eradicated ________,_______________and _____

Good vocabulary words to use: eradicate, remove, destroy, uproot, eliminate, abolish, exterminate, erase, impugn, extinguish, wipe out.

“Angry”- infuriated, enraged, maddened, incensed, inflamed, provoked, exasperated, annoyed, displeased, embittered.

Download 5.71 Kb.

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