Hobbies, free time and lifestyle

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Hobbies, free time and lifestyle
Nowadays many people have more leisure time and a wider variety of ways to spend it, than in the past. Some people use their free time to relax, actively or passively, other people are doing volunteer work for different charities. The most popular passively activities are: watching TV, reading the newspaper or a magazine, playing computer games, surfing the Net or chatting with a neighbour over a cup of tea. Our way of life has changed; many adults now spend their free time with shopping.

Free-time activities season are different in various seasons. In summer is a very favourite activity gardening, which is popular among middle-aged and elderly people. In winter, many men often work on „do-it-yourself“projects, like remodelling the bathroom. Many women still enjoy knitting and sewing on cold winter evenings children like sledding after a fresh snow. Spring is a time for spring-cleaning, when families set to washing windows, cleaning out cupboards. The warm weather brings out children on skateboards, bikes.

There are many local festivals and fairs zoos to go to, but more families prefer more peaceful atmosphere, for example they go out to countryside, to cottages or country houses.

Most people work hard and come home tired. They watch TV, and it is one way they can turn off. Nowadays many families have two or three TV sets at home. While dad is watching champions League Football, mum is watching in the bedroom her daily Argentine soap opera and children are watching matinees.

Another leisure time activities are reading books, newspapers or magazines every day. Some people have a dog or cat. They enjoy walking out with their four-legged friend.

Most people like going out with friends for a dinner or a drink after work. Young people enjoy going out for a drink in a pub or dancing in the night.

My leisure activity is usually spent with learning languages and learning for my exams. Besides I like reading magazines in my room. When I’m at home I usually help to my parents or go out with my boyfriend.
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