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Title of the Course : İED 131 (01) Writing Skills

Year and Term : 2013-2014 Autumn

Class Hours : Tuesday 09:00-11:50

Classroom : B2/ 203

Office Hours : Monday 14.00-16.00
I. Aim and Contents: The aim of the course is to help the students review and improve their writing skills and enable them to write paragraphs and essays on various topics. During the first week of the course, differences between written and oral composition are to be underlined and illustrated through lectures and class discussions with particular reference to Smalley and Ruetten’s Refining Composition Skills: Rhetoric and Grammar for ESL Students. Then, different types such as narrative, descriptive, expository, comparison-contrast, process analysis, cause-and-effect and argumentative paragraphs and essays are to be introduced and illustrated through class workshops and home works. The resulting essays are to be corrected through further discussions in class both with the aim of self-correction and criticism, as well as correction of others’ essays.

II. Course Outline:
Week I: Introduction to writing. Definitions of composition, paragraph, topic, topic sentence, controlling idea, etc.

Week II: Video-screening. The Words.

Week III: 15 October, Bayram Holiday, No class.

Week IV: Support, unity, coherence. Outline.

Week V: 29 October, No Class.

Week VI: Types of Paragraph: The Narrative Paragraph. The Descriptive Paragraph.

The Expository Paragraph.

Week VII: 5 November, Mid-Term I.

Week VIII: The Essay: Introduction, development, conclusion.

Week IX: The Example Essay

Week X: The Comparison and Contrast Essay

Week XI: The Process Analysis Essay

Week XII: 10 December, Mid-Term II.

Week XIII: The Cause-and-Effect Analysis Essay

Week XIV: The Argumentative Essay
III. Coursebook: Smalley, Regina L. and Mary Ruetten. Refining Composition Skills and Grammar

for ESL Students. Washington: Heinle and Heinle, 1995. Print. (Primary Text Book)
Additional material for the exercises will be supplemented by the instructor.

For further reading, students are advised to use Bilkent and Hacettepe Libraries.

IV. Method of Instruction: The course will be conducted through lectures, student workshops and class discussions.
V. Requirements: Attendance is fully required. More than 11 hours of absence will result in F1. Students should read the essays and assigned for class discussions and should do their writing assignments.
VI. Assessment:

Class participation and assignments: 20%

Mid-Term Examinations: 40%

Final Exam: 40%

In the grading of the exams up to 25% of the total mark will be taken off for the grammatical and writing mistakes. Also students who get less than 50/100 in the final exam will automatically fail the course no matter how high their mid-term results are.

Download 35 Kb.

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