Guide to Essay Writing in English

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Quick and Easy Guide to Essay Writing in English
1. Read the essay questions carefully. When you finish your essay, read this question again and ask yourself, “Did I answer this essay question and did I give good reasons?

2. Usually if it’s an opinion essay or a persuasive essay, you have to answer a question such as “Which is better, more expensive, easier, etc....” Think of your choice, write down some reasons why your choice is better and why the other choice is worse. This is your draft.

For example: Which is better, living alone or living with someone?
I choose “living alone”, so I jot down some reasons,...
Living Alone Pros: Less security problems, quieter.
Living with Someone Cons: Dirtier, less privacy, more security problems, louder. (redundant)
3. Now, think of a general introduction in 1 or 2, not 3-57 sentences, which very generally introduces your topic. Get the reader interested in your topic, which by the way, must directly relate to the essay question. Don’t get off topic.
4. In your last introduction sentence, look again at the essay question and magically change it into a sentence. That’s it. Easy. You don’t even need a magic wand.
5. So now my essay draft looks like this....
Many people choose to live alone on this planet of 6 billion called “Earth”. Others choose the company of others such as family, friends, roommates, lovers, co-workers and so on. I prefer to live alone for several reasons such as less security and noise worries and it is dirtier and less private to live with someone.
(Living Alone Pros: Less security problems, quieter.)

First of all, there are less security problems if one lives alone compared to living with someone. How can anyone know if their roommate, or even family member, is a thief or know thieves? One of my friend’s roommates let a friend steal all his things. (use real examples to support) In addition, Without a roommate, it is quieter. I like quiet music and solitude, however, a roommate might like loud music and parties.
Living with Someone Cons: Dirtier, less privacy,

Secondly, another person means twice the mess and two eyes watching you. I’ve had many roommates who left clothes on the floor, didn’t wash dishes and even threw food from our apartment. Furthermore, there is less privacy with a roommate. There is always someone there, looking, when a person (one) has a roommate.
To summarize, I would rather live alone because of the security and quietness and would rather not live with someone because they may be dirty and make a mess, and a roommate means someone is watching, always watching.
(use a question to finish an essay)

Would anyone (‘you’ sounds less formal) want to live someone if it meant their place would get less secure, louder, dirtier and less private?

(Or, use a prediction)

I firmly believe in 50 years there will be many more people living alone because there will be more violence and violent people in the future. Who will you be able to trust?

(An insight you have about this topic. Keep it short.)

I believe these are the reasons most of my single friends love living alone. (personal insight)

I believe these are some of the reasons the number of people choosing to live alone every year is increasing yearly according to a recent Canadian census. (insight into a fact)
(Or, something more creative, but keep it short and related to the topic....)

I’d rather die alone than die annoyed. (something funny)

Last step: Look at the following typical essay style question and fill in your answers.
Would you rather live with a pet or without?”
Your choice: ___________________________________________________________
Pros to support your choice: _____________________________________________
Cons to attack the other choice: ___________________________________________

General Introduction: _____________________________________________________


Your thesis and reasons: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Your first topic sentence: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
Your second topic sentence: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

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