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Grade :


Date: 4.02.2016

Theme :

I'll be a doctor

Aim of the lesson:

a)To develop pupils knowledge of the English in writing, reading, speaking

b) to introduce pupils with new material

c) to bring up pupils interests in different professions and to help them to love them, to enlarge pupils' vocabulary

Results of the study:

Will be able to introduce the new material , express their opinion

Will be able to apply the knowledge

Visual aids:

Cards, computer, interactive board, pictures


Оқыту мен оқудағы жаңа тәсілдер, сыни тұрғыдан ойлауға үйрету. Оқыту үшін бағалау және оқу үшін бағалау. Ақпараттық-коммуникативтік технологияларды оқыту.

Бекітемін: ___________ Қ. Наубетов Мектеп директорының оқу-тәрбие ісі жөніндегі орынбасары

Parts of the lesson:


Teacher's actions:

Pupils' actions:



visual aids

I. Organization moment.

II. Checking up the homework.

III. Learning the new vocabulary.

IV. Explanation of the grammar structure

V. New lesson.

I'll be a doctor

VI. Phonetic drill

VII. Conclusion

VIII. Giving homework
IX. Reflection

X. Marking

5 minutes

5 minutes

5 minutes


5 minutes

3 minutes

5 minutes

2 minute

3 minutes

2 minutes

a) greeting with the pupils

b) Divide into groups

Ex 4 A P 133
Method “Identification”

Now, dear boys and girls we shall learn the new words. We’ll know how to pronounce the professions. At first, tell me what professions do you know? Very good. Well, look at the pictures and say the professions in Kazakh. Then listen to me very attentively.

Future Simple Tense

Method “Sandwich of thinking”
1.I'll go to school by bus

2. She'll open the window

3. He'll play football

4. They 'll have dinner

Pupils I have a good news for you. I’ve taken the letter from Astana. The girl called Asel sent to you. Asel shares her opinion with you. By the way She is also in 6 form. Now Let’s listen and read it.

Ok, very nice. Pupils, Let’s play the game “Zoo”. I will give you the masks of different animals.

Method “Two truth, one lie”

1-group. Her name is Jane. Her dream is to become a doctor . Doctor is a bad profession.

2-group. She is 12 years old. She will treat patients and help people. She will be happy.

3-group. Asel is from Atyrau. She is 13 years old. She is writing a letter to us

4-group. There are a lot of professions, but Asel's dream is to become a doctor. She won't be happy
I' be a ...

Method “Moon”

-full moon. I understand

-half moon. I understood half

- new moon.I don't understand many tasks

Pupils will divide according to the pictures into 4 groups:





Pupils will identificate the sentences

Writing the new words

An artist [ a: tist ] Суретші

A programmer [ pr gramә ] Информатик

A doctor [ d ktә ] Дәрігер

A receptionist [ risep әnist ] Қабылдаушы

A lawyer [ l iә ] Заңгер

A pilot [ p ilәt ] Ұшқыш

A cosmonaut [ k zm n t ] Ғарышкер

A manager [ mәenәdzә ] Менеджер

A banker [ b nkә ] Банк қызметшісі

A designer [ dizainә ] Дизайнер

Noble [noubl]-құрметті,атақты

Recover [rik^vә]-жазылу,тәуір болу

Illness [ilnes]-ауру,сырқат

Wealth [welӨ]-байлық



W He will +V

i She

l It won't + V

l We



Example: I will go to Astana next year. She will help her mother .


Бұл туралы не білесің?

Тағы қалай өзгертуге болады?

Ерекшелігі неде?

I'll go to school by bus


+ - !


Hello, my friends.

I am writing this letter from Astana. My name is Jane. I am 13 years old. I study at Grammar school. I want to share with you my ideas concerning profession.

There are a lot of professions nowadays. But my dream is to become a doctor. Doctor is a noble and an important profession. When I’m twenty five, I’ll be happy when people of my country are healthy and wealthy. As they say “ Health is above wealth”. What about you, my friends? What will you be when you are twenty five? Love, Asel

Everyone will speak about these animals.

Example: I’ll be a lion. I shall put on the mask of a lion. I’ll run fast like a lion. cow dog wolf cat
They will find 2 truth and 1 lie in the sentences

Write an essay

Formative assessment

Formative assessment

“Clapping hands”

Formative assessment

“Praising” “Thumb”

Profession's pictures

Interactive board

Vocabulary, new words

Distribution papers


Method “Moon”

- full moon

I understand

-half moon

I understood half

- new moon

I don't understand many tasks

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