Good morning, Writers!

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Good morning, Writers!

  • Please take the same seats as yesterday.
  • Please update your agenda’s with tonight’s W.A.:
    • Using Google Docs, continue working on P.E. Draft:
      • Type concluding paragraph into doc
      • Print full copy of essay for Thursday’s class
        • Double spaced
        • Name at top

Crafting a Concluding Paragraph

Introduction Paragraph: Visually

  • Lead
  • Reasons
  • Thesis
  • General
  • Specific

Purpose of a Concluding Paragraph

  • Reinforces the writer’s main conclusion/THESIS in a new way
  • Emphasizes claims that were used to explain writer’s argument
  • Encourages the reader to take action through a call to action/clincher
    • Strong conclusion paragraphs should leave the reader thinking, feeling, or both

Concluding Paragraph

  • The last paragraph in an essay that neatly wraps up the paper
  • Contains 3 main parts
    • Restate the thesis
    • Restate reasons
    • Clincher/Call to Action

Not Included in a Concluding Paragraph

Concluding Paragraph: Visually

  • Specific
  • General
  • Thesis
  • Reasons
  • Clincher/Call to Action

Starting your Concluding Paragraph

  • Start with a strong transition to conclude your essay
    • Finally
    • Therefore
    • Furthermore
    • Overall
    • Lastly
    • Altogether
    • Thank you for reading my essay…
    • As you can see…
    • From reading my essay, now you know…
    • In conclusion,
    • To conclude,

Restating your Thesis

  • Do not “copy and paste” your thesis into your introduction
  • Rephrase your thesis
      • Intro Thesis:
        • Mountain View should have healthier lunch options.
      • Conclusion Thesis:
        • Therefore, healthier lunch options should be provided at Mountain View.


  • Intro Thesis:
    • Therefore, school districts nationwide should include music education as a required component in their curriculum in order to provide students with a complete education.
  • Concluding Thesis:
    • Furthermore, in order to provide students with a well-rounded education, music education should be a required piece of nationwide school curriculums.

In your WNB, you try!

  • Introduction Thesis:
    • Mountain View students should not wear school uniforms.
  • Concluding Thesis:

Restating your Claims

  • Restate your claims/reasons you presented in your essay.

Call to Action/Clincher

  • Last sentence to show:
    • Show the significance of topic
    • Call to Action – challenge the reader to act now!
    • Look to the future
    • Pose a question
    • Link to the introduction by bringing the reader full circle


  • Introduction:
  • How can school districts today present all students with a complete education? According to a Gallop poll conducted in 2003, 95% of Americans believed that music education was a key component in a child’s well-rounded education. Even more significantly, three-quarters of those surveyed felt that music education should be mandated in schools. By mandating music education classes as part of the curriculum, the development of strong social and personal skills will be supported as well as the encouragement of healthy physical choices. Most importantly, music education enables students to attain higher academic achievement that will ultimately lead to success in the future. Therefore, school districts should include music education as a required component in their curriculum in order to provide students with a complete education.
  • Conclusion:
  • Furthermore, music education should be a required component within the curriculum of school district’s nationwide. By including music education classes, students will develop important personal and social skills and will be supported in developing healthy physical choices that will impact their future lifestyles. Additionally, music education fosters skills and strategies that support students in mastering math and language arts content as well as strengthens their focus for future endeavors. To provide all students with a complete education, school districts should not be cutting music education, but investing in these classes to provide a complete education to students today.

Writing Time

  • Writer’s Task:
      • For your personal persuasive essay, craft three different call to action/clincher options to end your concluding paragraph.
  • Workshop Assignment:
    • Complete your concluding paragraph(s) draft.
    • Select the conclusion that best serves your writing purpose.
    • Type your conclusion into your Google doc.
    • Color code your conclusion paragraph for our 3 ingredients
    • Print full essay for class on Thursday

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