Essay Terminology – my explanation of the terms you already looked up

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Essay Terminology – my explanation of the terms you already looked up.

  • This goes on the RH side of the IANB, facing the Essay Terminology page that YOU completed.
  • Take notes on this presentation. You DO NOT need to interact with these notes. I am expanding on the dictionary work YOU did earlier. The two pages should FACE each other.

Summarize – this strategy is never used in AICE essay writing

  • To abridge, to condense, to make more brief, to reduce…
  • You use this skill when taking reading notes. i.e. don’t re-write the textbook. Summarize in your own words.


  • To think deeply about a topic; close and careful examination of a topic, to understand the nature and makeup of a topic or individual from thorough investigation of it.

Evaluation – “to what extent..?” “How far do the sources..?”

  • To what extent can aging be reversed?
  • To what extent can love be measured?

Evaluation – a final determination of the total amount of value/importance/weight of an argument. In AICE essays you will often be required to weigh two sides of an issue and make a determination of the end result.

  • All the tasks and expectations that make AICE hard
  • All the study strategies that can make it easier.
  • So, what is the true “value” of all the hard work, done, using study strategies? According to the sources?

Evaluation can and needs to include provenance and historiography.

  • Provenance: the attitude, emotion, bias, prejudice or extreme opinion behind the words of a source or document, the results of the source’s relationship to the topic.
  • Historiography: the pattern or trends established by HOW historians have studied and interpreted a topic, over time; the treatment of a topic or an individual by historians based on technique and theoretical approach.
  • How much can you trust the witnesses?
  • What do we do???
  • She’s wonderful!
  • She’s funny and kind and clever.
  • She’s a really good teacher. She makes you think.
  • She is very ambitious – and she doesn’t care who she hurts on her way up to the top. She’s just in it for herself.
  • She’s a terrible teacher. She’s bossy and shouts all the time.
  • Her boyfriend
  • A pupil who just got A* in AICE Euro!
  • A pupil who just got a referral from her
  • The teacher who applied for the same job as her but did not get it

The historiography of Oliver Cromwell

  • After 1660 – reviled and hated
  • 1700s = dictator who ruled with force
  • 1800s = Whigs restored his reputation, statue of him outside of Parliament – “greatest Englishman of all time.”
  • 1930s = compared to Hitler, Mussolini
  • 20th = complex character influenced by his religious beliefs.
  • 2002 = BBC poll = 3rd greatest Briton, behind Winston Churchill and I.K. Brunel

Add this term to your “Essay Terminology:” To what extent

  • “To what extent…” – how great or extreme something is, how something should be ranked, where something exists on a range of extremes.
  • In the context of a source-based essay: You will always be tasked to weigh two sides of an argument and make a detailed determination of how heavy or light each side is.
  • You will have to analyze the sources to determine the extent of the source’s agreement with a statement made in part (b).

To what extent is ice cream the best possible dessert? (According to the sources?)

To what extent is rugby the “real” football? (According to the sources?)

  • You would have to rank these sports, according to the sources used. You would have to analyze the word “real.”

To what extent was Oscar Pistorius guilty of first-degree murder? Of manslaughter?

In court cases there is no “middle verdict.” Verdicts are either guilty or not guilty.

But historical evaluation is never all or nothing.

  • Imagine that each “side” is praise or criticism, hard or easy, etc… AICE sources will usually include one or two sources that are clearly one-sided. AICE sources will always include at least one source that is smack in the middle – taking both sides…

Cambridge wants to see if students can identify the sides and the strength of the arguments.

“To what extent…?”

  • Pg. 13: How far did the structure of government change in Europe between 1760 and 1871?
  • Pg. 13: To what extent did the Enlightenment bring about fundamental change in Europe between 1760 and 1871?
  • Pg. 14: To what extent did European international relations change between 1760 and 1871?
  • Pg. 18: To what extent was the political map of Europe in 1815 similar to the political map in 1780?

Part (a) of any source-based essay

  • “To what extent do Sources _______ and ______ agree (or disagree) about _____________________?
  • You will write source-based essays for European and American history. Learn this format now. Use it forever.

Part (b) of any source-based essay

  • _________________________(a statement). How far to the sources support (or deny) this statement?
  • You will write source-based essays in European and American history. Learn this format now. Use it forever.

“How far do the sources support this statement?”

  • ON
  • E
  • E
  • X
  • T
  • R
  • E
  • M
  • E
  • O
  • N
  • E
  • E
  • X
  • T
  • R
  • E
  • ME
  • HARD!!
  • EASY!!
  • The AICE program is a very rigorous program and students who are successful with it are those who discover and use the many shortcuts. How far to the sources support this statement?

Character of Cromwell…Hero or villain

  • To what extent do Sources 2 and 3 agree about the character of Cromwell?
    • “Oliver Cromwell was a cruel and ruthless man who was more villain than hero. How far do the sources support this statement?”
  • Left-hand side…..right-hand side.

Period 1

  • I have posted an updated version of the Source-based Essay Powerpoint on the blog. I suggest you go back and review it. You will write the O.C. essay after you write the Hard/Easy essay.

These six terms will be added to the upcoming vocabulary test.

  • The definitions on the test will be “mine.”
  • I will review the vocab with you after I grade it.

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