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English Assessment Plan Document

Adopted December 2006—Updated December 2008

English Course Goals

  • General Education


  • Departmental/standard syllabus for key items, (competencies, etc.)


  • Students are placed in Introduction to Writing or Comp I based primarily on a writing sample and scored with a 6-point rubric (attached). During the 08/09 academic year ECC will switch to Accuplacer as the exclusive placement tool, using both the Sentence Skills portion and the Writeplacer essay portion. Currently, new students for Spring 09 are using Accuplacer exclusively as will all new incoming students for Summer and Fall 09. Calibration and comparative analysis will be ongoing. The placement test scoring team in TLC and English faculty will score all Writeplacer essays using our current 6-point in house system and compare these scores to the 8-point system used by Accuplacer for calibration purposes and quality control during the transition.



  • Introduction to Writing students take a pre-test (placement test) and a post-test (same structure, different prompts). All Intro sections will be reviewed/sampled in the fall semesters. Essays will be scored by the placement test scoring team and English faculty. Once Accuplacer is calibrated, all or most Introduction to Writing students will take the Writeplacer at the end of their Introduction to Writing course and the results compared to their initial scores upon entry and placement.

  • Composition II students will be evaluated on the basis of an embedded assignment, a short critical essay that will be examined by the TLC team and English department to measure analysis, synthesis, argument and research skills. Fall 2007 served as a pilot semester for this project, drawing ideas from all full-time and part-time Comp II instructors as to the appropriate exit tool. All Comp II sections will be reviewed/sampled in the spring semesters. During Spring 08 all Comp II sections participated in the assessment. Results are delayed pending improvement of the scoring system and rubric.

  • An exit exam/review tool for Comp I classes is under consideration

Review of Outcomes

  • Results from the Introduction to Writing exit exams will be reviewed annually by the English department and recommendations and curriculum improvements will be made. The same will be true for Comp II once the assessment structure is determined.

Institutional Research

  • IR office will track trends in pass/fail and retention for Intro to Writing students moving to Comp I and Comp I students moving to Comp II.

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