Accuplacer Frequently Asked Questions What is Accuplacer?

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Accuplacer Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accuplacer?
As a Regis student you will participate in a diverse curriculum and have many opportunities to enhance your skills in writing and mathematics as well as other subject areas before graduation. Regis College utilizes the Accuplacer placement assessments to determine which courses will be the most beneficial starting point for incoming students.

Which Accuplacer Assessments Will I Have to Take?
Elementary Algebra
College Level Math (only students scoring at least 100 out of 120 on Elementary Algebra)
Write Placer

Those with Advanced Placement credit will still need to take the Accuplacer assessment.

When Do I Have to Take Accuplacer?

Accuplacer placement tests are held on campus and must be completed before attending summer orientation. Please click here to be linked directly to the Accuplacer Sign-Up page. If at any time you need to reschedule your test session, simply visit the Accuplacer Sign-Up page and fill out the form again.

What should I bring?
Students will only need to bring a valid form of identification for the Accuplacer test. Pencils will be provided.

Please do not bring a calculator, as the only one that students will be able to use will appear on screen for any math problems.

How Does the Scoring Work?
The assessments are scored by the computer upon completion.  The score report will include a course placement based on the Accuplacer Assessment.  The Accuplacer scores and course placements are below:

Elementary Algebra

(0-69) QR 100 Quantitative Reasoning with Lab (4 credits)

(70-100) QR 101 Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)
(101-120) MA 105 Concepts in Contemporary Math, MA 210 Statistics, or MA 211 Statistical Methods, depending on major (3 credits)

(0-4) EN 105 Writing Seminar 3-day section (3 credits)
(5-8) EN 105 Writing Seminar 2-day section (3 credits)

Can I do anything to prepare for Accuplacer?
Accuplacer does provide a packet of sample questions for all of their assessments. Please just see Elementary Algebra, College Level Math and WritePlacer. Click here to access. There are also iPhone and web-based study apps. Among other things, they cover Elementary Algebra and College Level Math. They don’t cover WritePlacer since the WritePlacer assessment asks students to write a 300-500 word essay in response to a prompt. (There is a sample prompt in the sample question packet in the link above.) However, the study apps do cover sentence skills, which may be helpful when it’s time to sit down and complete the WritePlacer.

I signed up, but now I need to reschedule!
If at any time you need to reschedule your test session, simply visit the Accuplacer Sign-Up Page and fill out the electronic sign-up form again.

Can I take Accuplacer at Orientation?
Yes, however it is highly recommended to take the Accuplacer Placement Test prior to Freshman Orientation. The reason is because students cannot register for courses until the Accuplacer Placement Test is completed. During Freshman Orientation, students will be registering for their fall courses while those who have not been tested are completing their Accuplacer test. Students who are unable to come to campus prior to freshman orientation to take the Accuplacer test should click here for remote testing options.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information or assistance.   If you are a student who has a documented disability and wish to request accommodations during testing, please contact Courtney Mulligan, Director of Student Disability and Accessibility Services at or 781-768-7384.


Jonathan Chen
Coordinator of Academic Advising

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